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July 2017



Europeans more favourable towards European Union

Jaap de Zwaan, TEPSA Secretary General

In a survey by the American Pew Research Center conducted in mid-June, it is said that Europeans have become more favourable toward the EU. Even British voters, who narrowly elected to withdraw from the Union in June 2016, have improved their views of the organization. On the other hand, while only few citizens are eager to see their country leaving the Union, many of them want the chance to have their voice heard through referenda. Also, citizens claim that their national governments should take decisions about migration and trade. 

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TEPSA institute of the month

Introducing the Centre for European Studies – Middle East Technical University (CES-METU), Ankara

CES-METU was founded in 1997 at the Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences (FEAS) at METU in Ankara, Turkey. It aims to contribute to comparative research on Europe and European integration through an interdisciplinary team of researchers...

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• TEPSA General Assembly meets in Tallinn 

• TEPSA Welcomes two new members: The Razumkov Centre & The Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” 

• TEPSA head of office Mariam Khotenashvili discusses the state of play of the Eastern Partnership with Latvian students on study visit, organised with LIIA

• Farewell to former TEPSA trainee Anja Palm


PONT News 

• Coming Up: PONT Career Skills Training, 11-15 September, 2017

• Tallinn Pre-Presidency Conference report published

• The next TEPSA PPC will take place in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 30 November – 1 December 2017

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• The FEUTURE Newsletter No. 5 has been published 

• New FEUTURE Online Paper published: Turkish and European Identity Constructions in the 1815-1945 Period

• Call for workshop papers on EU-Turkey relations

• FEUTURE mid-term conference to be held in Barcelona, 19-20 October, 2017

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Recent studies for the European Parliament


• European Parliament briefing and workshop on Towards an EU common position on the use of armed drones, contributions from Jessica Dorsey and Giulia Bonacquisti

• European Parliament study on Labour rights in Export Processing Zones with a focus on GSP+ beneficiary countries, Benjamin Richardson, James Harrison, Liam Camplin 

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 News from TEPSA Members and Friends


• IEP  holds International EUCACIS Conference and PhD School in Berlin

• IEP launches new project “The Relaunch of Europe. Mapping Member States’ Reform Interests”

• IEP launches new project “Platform for Analytics and Intercultural Communication” (PAIC) 

• Natolin Blog celebrates two years of thought-provoking blog posts, (College of Europe, Natolin)

• 3R Project interviews: unique research materials on modern history of Ukraine published online (College of Europe, Natolin)

• EIPA publishes 2016 Annual Report

• EPSA 2017 Best Practices are published (EIPA)

• Aljaž Kunčič article in the Journal of Institutional Economics one of the publication’s most cited in 2016 (CIR, Slovenia)

• Maja Bučar and Andreja Jaklič hold series of lectures at Hubei University in Wuhan, China (CIR, Slovenia)

• Andreja Jaklič takes part in the Academy of International Business (AIB) Annual Meeting in Dubai

• George Tzogopoulos assumes new role as Senior Research Fellow and Advisor for EU-China Relations at CIFE

• Razumkov Centre participates in “Global Solutions for G20” (Тhink 20) global think tank summit

• Razumkov Centre takes part in Global Think Tank Summit 2017 (Japan)

• Razumkov Centre holds VIII Conference "Human Rights and Security Sector Governance: Ukraine’s Reform Challenges"

• Vacancy: Director of the Institute of International Relations (IIR, Czech Republic)

• IIR co-hosts high level conference on resilience

• IIR announces new EU-Asia Relations Center 

• IIR hosts the Prague European Summit


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Upcoming calls


• Call for Papers: FEUTURE-TRIANGLE PhD Workshop on EU-Turkey relations

• Call for Applications: Executive Master in EU Studies (CIFE)

• Call for Applications: Master in Advanced European and International Studies – Trilingual Studies (CIFE)

• Call for Applications: Master in Advanced European and International Studies – Mediterranean Studies (CIFE) 

• Call for papers: special issue of Croatian International Relations Review (CIRR) on 'European Union and Challenges of Cultural Policies: Critical Perspectives' (IRMO)

• Summer School: Treaty of Rome and the future of the European Union (The Jean Monnet Association)

• Call for Applications: 7 Scholarships By The Italian Ministry Of Foreign Affairs For Italian Nationals

• Call for Applications: Altiero Spinelli Prize for Outreach – Spreading Knowledge about Europe (European Commission)

• Call for Applications: Conduct Independent Research in the fields of Law and Governance at the ELGS

• Call of Interest: Doc/Post-Doc Applied Research Program, Dialogic Teaching, Governmentality of Migratory Flows

More upcoming calls


Upcoming events

25 July 2017 - Panel Discussion: Alternative Europa! Which Europe do we want to live in? Visions for a future Europe, IEP, Berlin

12 August 2017 - Future Workshop: Alternative Europa! IEP, Berlin

12 September 2017 - Lunch Debate: "Social Europe" with Norbert Spinrath, MP, IEP, Berlin

19 September 2017 - Lunch Debate: “The White Paper Process” with Richard Nikolaus Kühnel, Representative of the European Commission in Germany, IEP, Berlin

26 September 2017 - Lunch Debate: “The Future of the European Asylum and Migration Architecture” with Matthias Ruete, Director General of the Directorate General for Migration and Home Affairs, IEP, Berlin

20-21 September 2017 - Conference: Economic and political challenges for a more convergent €-zone, CIFE, Nice/Berlin

26-28 September 2017 - Online Debate: Debating Security Plus 2017, Friends of Europe/TEPSA 

29 September 2017 - International Conference: “A New Order or No Order? Continuity and Discontinuity in the EU-China-US Relationship”, College of Europe, Bruges

29 September 2017 - Opening Ceremony of the Academic Year 2017-2018 at the Natolin campus of the College of Europe, Friends of Europe, Natolin

More upcoming events

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Latest publications from the TEPSA network

EU External Relations & Global Politics 


• The Revised European Neighbourhood Policy. Continuity and Change in EU Foreign Policy, Dimitris Bouris and Tobias Schumacher (CoE, Natolin)

• Anti-corruption protests in Russia: The Kremlin is up against some difficult decisions, Jussi Lassila (FIIA, Finland)

• Collective Defence in the Age of Hybrid Warfare, Benjamin Tallis and Michal Simecka (IIR, Czech Republic)

• Russia’s Information Expansion: Ukrainian Foothold, Mykhailo Pashkov (Razumkov Centre, Ukraine)

• How can a military conflict in the Korean Peninsula be avoided?, Félix Arteaga and Mario Esteban (Elcano, Spain)

More publications on EU External Relations and Global Politics


 European Integration & Institutional Affairs


• Brexit as a trigger for disintegration – background and consequences, Miklós Somai (IWE, Hungary)

• Fantasy as a Factor in International Politics?, Jakub Eberle (IIR, Czech Republic)

• The joint sovereignty proposal for Gibraltar: benefits for all, Martín Ortega Carcelén (Elcano, Spain)

• No Eastern troublemaker: Estonian EU Presidency seeks unity in a fragmenting Europe, Kristi Raik (FIIA, Finland)

• Slovenia and the European Union, Ana Bojinović Fenko and Marjan Svetličič (CIR, Slovenia)

More publications on European Integration & Institutional Affairs


 Climate & Energy


• Energy Union Watch Nº 8, Nicolò Sartori and Lorenzo Colantoni (IAI, Italy)

• Fighting against Food Losses and Waste: An EU Agenda, Daniele Fattibene and Margherita Bianchi (IAI, Italy)

• Energy once again in the spotlight: New forms of Russian investment presence in Hungary, Csaba Weiner (IWE, Hungary)

• Energy and the climate in 2017: limited volatility, climate implementation and political uncertainty, Gonzalo Escribano and Lara Lázaro (Elcano, Spain)

• The Antitrust dispute between the European Commission and Gazprom: Towards an amicable deal, Marco Siddi (FIIA, Finland)

More publications on Climate & Energy


 National Politics


• National Security and Defence Journal Basic Principles and Means of the Formation of a Common Identity of Ukrainian Citizens, (Razumkov Centre, Ukraine)

• Industrial relations in Croatia and impacts of digitalization on the labor market, V. Samardžija, H. Butković and I. Skazlić (IRMO, Croatia)

• Integration 1/2017, (IEP, Germany)

• Approaching the German Federal election: The Traditional Parties break the trend and stay in front, Fabrizio Tassinari and Sebastian Tetzlaff (DIIS, Denmark and IEP, Germany)

• Rebooting the Franco-German engine: Two post-election scenarios, Fabrizio Tassinari and Sebastian Tetzlaff (DIIS, Denmark and IEP, Germany)


More publications on National Politics


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