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November - December 2017


TEPSA Secretariat wishes you all Happy Holidays!



Brexit and the ‘Divorce’: as if the United Kingdom remains in the EU...

Jaap de Zwaan, TEPSA Secretary General

On 8 December the Commission reported that sufficient progress has been made in the ‘divorce’ negotiations with the United Kingdom (UK), the first phase of Article 50 TEU. Most probably therefore the European Council will decide on 15 December that we can start the next stage of the negotiations (‘future relations’)...

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TEPSA institute of the month

Introducing the Austrian Society for European Politics (ÖGfE)

The Austrian Society for European Politics (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Europapolitik / ÖGfE) aims to promote and support information activities on European affairs in Austria. Based in Vienna, the Society is a non-governmental and non-partisan platform mainly constituted by the Austrian Social Partners...

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News from the TEPSA Secretariat


• TEPSA is a partner in a new H2020 project: SEnECA

• TEPSA Pre-Presidency Conference took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 30 November – 1 December 2017

• EPRS-TEPSA Policy Roundtable on “The Future of Europe: Take-Aways from 2017”

• TEPSA General Assembly met in Sofia and welcomed The Austrian Society for European Politics (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Europapolitik / ÖGfE)

• TEPSA Secretariat welcomes a new staff member: Julia Krebs 

• TEPSA Secretariat welcomes 2 new trainees: Marta Bombelli and Andrea Sabatini


PONT News 

• Upcoming PONT Working Europe Seminar  on EU Trade Policy

• TEPSA Pre-Presidency Conference took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 30 November – 1 December 2017

• Watch TEPSA Pre-Presidency Conference in Sofia

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• FEUTURE Online Paper No.7: “EU-Turkey Relations in the Midst of a Global Storm”, Pol Morillas, Melike Janine Sökmen, Akin Ünver 

• FEUTURE Online Paper No. 8 : “Understanding the EU-Turkey Sectoral Trade Flows During 1990-2016: a Trade Gravity Approach”, Charilaos Mertzanis

• FEUTURE Online Paper No. 9 : “The Financial Flows and the Future of EU-Turkey Relations”, Hasan Cömert

• FEUTURE Online Paper No. 10 : “Knowledge Cohesion in European Regions: Convergence and Cohesion with Turkey”, I. Semih Akcomak, Erkan Erdil, Umut Yilmaz Cetinkaya

• FEUTURE Online Paper No. 11 : “Politics and Turkey-EU Relations: Drivers from the Southern and Eastern Neighbourhoods”, Benett Clifford, Dustin Gilbreath, Justine Louis 

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• VIADUCT started its work programme with the project’s 1st steering group meeting in Brussels

• Save the date: 1st VIADUCT Week, 23-27 April 2018

• Call for applications: VIADUCT Teachers’ Training Seminar

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Expertise for the European Parliament

• Labour rights in GSP+ beneficiary countries with a focus on Export Processing Zones, Benjamin Richardson, James Harrison and Liam Campling

• European Parliament briefing and workshop on Towards an EU common position on the use of armed drones, contributions from Jessica Dorsey and Giulia Bonacquisti

• The Joint Africa-EU strategy, Nicoletta Pirozzi, Nicoló Sartori and Bernardo Venturi

• European Parliament workshop on Transforming the Lives of Girls and Women through EU External Relations, contributions from Irene Fellin (IAI) and Lars Engberg-Pedersen (DIIS)

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 News from TEPSA Members and Friends

• New book lending service of the European Documentation Centre – Malta University (EDC, Malta)

• Marta Lorimer, PhD candidate (LSE), visiting at Sciences Po, (CEE, Science Po France)

• Introducing a new TEPSA associate member: The Austrian Society for European Politics (ÖGfE)

• Razumkov Centre took part in a global think tank alternative facts forum in Washington D.C. (Razumkov Centre, Ukraine)

• CECME Annual Conference. Energy Futures: Cibersecurity and Financing Emerging Transitions. 29 November 2017, Elcano Royal Institute, Madrid.

• Debating Security Plus report: 10 recommendations addressing shifts in security thinking (Friends of Europe)

• New researchers at the IIR (IRR, Czech Republic)

• Maja Bučar, Head of CIR, was one of the panellists discussing opportunities for evidence-based policy-making in regions and cities at this year’s Science meets Regions conference, (CIR, Slovenia)

• Horizon 2020 project SEnECA will strengthen relations between the EU and Central Asia (IEP, Berlin)

• Navigating the Storm: The Challenges of Small States in Europe. Start-up of a new Jean Monnet Network, (IIA, Iceland)

• The Bronisław Geremek Prize 2017  is awarded to Dr Krzysztof BORODA (CoE, Natolin)

• IWE moved to a brand new building! (IWE, Hungary)

• AFCA CEE Financial Summit Forum: New Chapter of Asia-Europe Financial Cooperation, partecipation of Ádám Kerényi(IWE, Hungary)

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Upcoming calls


• Call for papers: Small States and the New Security Environment (SSANSE) International Conference at the University of Iceland (IIA, Iceland)

• Call for Papers: Quarterly Journal “integration” (IEP, Germany)

• Propose a panel for SGEU Conference: Contradictions – Whither the Political, Economic and Social Integration of Europe? (SciencePo, France)

• European Young Researchers’ Award (EYRA)

• VACANCY: Full Professorship in Political Science / International Relations (SciencesPo, France)

• Vacancy at Sciences Po : Assistant professor (SciencePo, France)

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Upcoming events


10 -12 December 2017:  Conference: "The European Union and its Eastern Partners: Current approaches to regional cooperation - Eastern Partnership Reflection Forum in the framework of the Belarussian Presidency of the CEI" (CIFE)

11 December 2017: International conference to present the results of the project "The security-migration-development nexus revised: a perspective from the Sahel"(IAI, Italy)

12 December 2017: Public discussion “Securing Democracy 2018: Strategic Communication Challenges in Latvia", (LIIA, Latvia)

12 December 2017: Conference in the framework of the project “New Pact for Europe” (IAI, Italy)

4 January 2018: Public talk: "Current Issues in International Taxation", (EDC, Malta)

10 January 2017Presentation of the book “The Latvian Foreign and Security Policy. Yearbook 2018”, (LIIA, Latvia)

19 January 2018: Save the Date: Public Debate with Werner Hoyer, President of the European Investment Bank (IEP, Berlin)

23 January 2018: Conference: “If picking and choosing were possible: The ideal post-Brexit partnership” (IIA, Iceland)


More upcoming events

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Latest publications from the TEPSA network

EU External Relations & Global Politics 


• "Gaza Reconciliation: Burying the hatchet or changing stripes?" November 2017, Olli Ruohomäki & Wolfgang Mühlberger (FIIA, Finland)

• Background report: "German-American Dialogue on the Post-Soviet Space: “From ambition to pragmatism?” (IEP, Germany)

• The European Union’s Evolving External Engagement: Towards New Sectoral Diplomacies?, Damro, Chad, Sieglinde Gstöhl & Simon Schunz eds. (CoE, Bruges)

• "Can the Africa-EU Partnership Be Revived?", Nicoletta Pirozzi (IAI, Italy)

• "Cold War Modalities – Do They Have a Chance in the Gulf? ",  Erzsébet N. Rózsa (IWE, Hungary)

More publications on EU External Relations and Global Politics


 European Integration & Institutional Affairs


• European solidarity for Catalonia, Andrés Ortega (Elcano, Spain)

• Autonomy and managerial reforms in Europe: Let or make public managers manage?, Philippe Bezes and Gilles Jeannot (Sciences Po, France)

• "EU values: a fragile and outdated foundation for European unity?" - CIFE Policy Paper N°62, Gabriel N. Toggenburg (CIFE)

• "Permanent Structured Cooperation: An Institutional Pathway for European Defence", Alessandro Marrone (IAI, Italy)

• "Analytical base for the Report on progress in implementation of the Partnership agreement between Republic of Croatia and the European Commission", Boromisa, A., Butković, H., Čučković, N., Funduk, M., Jurlin, K., Kovačić, M., Puljiz, J., Skazlić, I., Šterc, S., Tišma, S. (IRMO, Croatia)

More publications on European Integration & Institutional Affairs


 Economy & Trade

•  "GEPS No 06/17: Stability and growth in the Eurozone – who plays the main role?" Sabine Lautenschläger (IEP, Germany)

• The United Kingdom is Spain’s major global partner, Iliana Olivié, (Elcano, Spain)

• The Coming Crisis, Colin Hay et Tom Hunt dir. (Sciences Po, France)

• The Trade Policy of the European Union, Sieglinde Gstöhl & Dirk De Bièvre (CoE, Bruges)

• "Harsh expectations versus a modest reality – Economic relations between the Visegrad countries and Russia surrounding the Ukrainian crisis.", András Deák, Csaba Weiner, Simona Blašková, Barbora Chrzová, Dušan Fischer, Jonáš Syrovátka, Jakub Tomášek, Ernest Wyciszkiewicz (IWE, Hungary)

More publications on Economy & Trade


 Climate & Energy

• "Action Plan for Climate Change Adaptation – National Park Risnjak.", Gašparac, M., Turk, D., Boromisa, A., Tišma, S., Funduk, M. (IRMO, Croatia)

• "Action Plan for Climate Change Adaptation – Nature Park Medvednica", Tišma, S., Boromisa, A., Funduk, M., Polić (IRMO, Croatia)

• "Energy Union Watch, No. 9 (June-September 2017)", Nicolò Sartori, Lorenzo Colantoni (IAI, Italy)

• "Intergovernmental organizations and climate security: advancing the research agenda", Lisa M. Dellmuth, Maria‐Therese Gustafsson, Niklas Bremberg, Malin Mobjörk (UI, Sweden)

• "The European Union must effectively develop energy relations with global producers and partners", Lukáš Tichý, Nikita Odintsov, Jan Mazač, Jan Prouza, a Michaela Prouzová (IIR, Czech Rep.)

More publications on Climate & Energy


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