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 January 2018




The 'Future' Debate: Careful Manoeuvring between European and National Interests

Jaap de Zwaan, TEPSA Secretary General

2018 will be a crucial year for the implementation of Donald Tusk’s Leaders’ Agenda.
Fundamental issues are on the agenda, such as migration, social Europe, EMU and the Banking Union, foreign policy and defence, internal security as well as trade...

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TEPSA institute of the month


Faculty of Law Iustinianus Primus – University Ss. Cyril and Methodus University

The Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus” in Skopje is a member of the “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” State University, the oldest, the largest and best ranked university in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia...

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News from the TEPSA Secretariat


• Save the date - Pre-presidency conference in Vienna (Austria) on 7-8 June 2018

• SEnECA Kick-Off meeting on Strengthening and Energizing EU – Central Asia relations



PONT News 





• FEUTURE Online Paper No.12: “Political Changes in Turkey and the Future of Turkey-EU Relations: From Convergence to Conflict?”, Atila Eralp, Asuman Göksel, Jakob Lindgaard

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• VIADUCT project: the first Newsletter is out!

• Call for nominations: VIADUCT Teaching Award

• Prolongation of the Call for VIADUCT Teachers’ Training Seminar

• VIADUCT is also on Twitter and Facebook

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• SEnECA is now on Twitter! Follow us to keep up with SEnECA activities on EU-Central Asia relations

• SEnECA project official website is now available! Learn more about all the project activities!

• SEnECA Kick-Off meeting took place from 23 to 24 January 2018

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Expertise for the European Parliament


• The Situation of Indigenous Children with Disabilities, Isabel Inguanzo Ortiz

• The Joint Africa-EU strategy, Nicoletta Pirozzi, Nicoló Sartori and Bernardo Venturi

• Labour rights in GSP+ beneficiary countries with a focus on Export Processing Zones, Benjamin Richardson, James Harrison and Liam Campling

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 News from TEPSA Members and Friends


• Herman VAN ROMPUY elected CIFE’s new President

• Dr Kristi Raik to Become the Director of Estonian Foreign Policy Institute (EVI, Estonia)

• Two TEPSA members successfully completed a bilateral research project (CIR, Slovenia)

• New Visiting Professors at Sciences Po/CNRS (Science Po)

• FIIA Scientific Advisory Council appointed (FIIA, Finland)

• Veronika Bílková elected the vice-president of the Venice Commission (IIR, Czech Republic)


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Upcoming events



31 January 2018: Round table: 'Importance of the EU Cohesion policy for development of Republic of Croatia ʼ(IRMO, Croatia)

1 February 2018: International Conference "Rousseau, Poland and Europe: Federalism - Sovereignty - Prosperity - Patriotism" (CoE, Natolin Campus)

2 February 2018: Workshop on Foreign Direct Investment Control in the EU framework (CoE, Bruges Campus)

6 February 2018: Seminar: “A rules-based international liberal order: cooperation between Europe, Japan and likeminded countries”(Elcano, Spain)

8 February 2018: Ukraine Breakfast Debate with Liubov Akulenko on the implementation of the Association Agreement in Ukraine (IEP, Germany)

15 February 2018: The Future of Constitutional Democracy in Europe: A Legal Assessment (CoE, Bruges Campus)

19 February 2018: RESPONSIVEGOV Project Final Workshop Programme "Democratic Responsiveness in Comparative Perspective" (Sciences Po)


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Latest publications from the TEPSA network

EU External Relations & Global Politics 



•  "Major Powers in Shared Neighbourhoods: between Cooperation and Competition", Simon Schunz, Sieglinde Gstöhl and Luk van Langenhove (eds.) (CoE, Bruges)

• “The EU´s global normative influence”, Andrés Ortega, January 2018 (Elcano, Spain)

• "US Trade Policy: America Resigns from its Leading Role as a Global Rule-setter", Johanna Jacobsson (FIIA)

• "The role of Indonesia in the evolution of ASEAN", Annamária Artner (IWE, Hungary)

• "China-Russia Security Cooperation: Geopolitical signaling with limits", Elina Sinkkonen (FIIA)

More publications on EU External Relations and Global Politics


 European Integration & Institutional Affairs 


• “On Governing Europe: A Federal Experiment”, Andrew Duff (President of the Spinelli Group)

• "Cancelling Brexit: Possible theoretically, but difficult politically", Juha Jokela (FIIA)

• “Strategic autonomy and European defence”, Félix Arteaga, December 2017 (Elcano, Spain)

• “Grade inflation? Brexit and Canada + + +”, Blick, Andrew, December 2017 (The Federal Trust, UK)

• "European Disunion? Social and Economic Divergence in Europe, and their Political Consequences", Bruno Palier, Allison E. Rovny, Jan Rovny (Sciences Po, France)

More publications on European Integration & Institutional Affairs


 Economy & Trade 


• “Foreign investors on Slovenian business environment: Research results of the 2017 survey among companies with foreign equity”, Andreja Jaklič, Iris Koleša and Matija Rojec, December 2017 (CIR, Slovenia)

• “Global presence is neither good, nor bad”, Iliana Olivé, December 2017(Elcano, Spain)

• “Spain in the world: an analysis of the Elcano Global Presence Index 2016”, Iliana Olivé, Manuel García and María Dolores Gomariz, December 2017(Elcano, Spain)

• "International expansion of Russian multinationals – A focus on home-country push factors, Europe and five CEE countries", Csaba Weiner (IWE, Hungary)

• "South Africa – A re-emerging player in outward FDI", Judit Kiss (IWE, Hungary)

More publications on Economy & Trade


 Climate & Energy 


• "Climate Change & COP23: urgency, exams rules and the Tanaloa spirit", Lara Lázaro- Touza, January 2018 (Elcano, Spain)

• "Villes sobres: Nouveaux modèles de gestion des ressources", Dominique Lorrain, Charlotte Halpern, Catherine Chevauché dir. (Sciences Po, France)

More publications on Climate & Energy


European Commission public consultations 


The European Commission has launched a public consultation concerning issues regularly covered by member institutes of the TEPSA network. 

• Public consultation on EU funds in the area of migration

• Public consultation on EU funds in the area of investment, research & innovation, SMEs and single market

• Public consultation on EU funds in the area of security

• Public consultation on EU funds in the area of values and mobility

• Open Public Consultation on “Strengthened cooperation against vaccine preventable diseases”

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