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 March 2018



The relationship with Russia: troublesome but multi-faceted

Jaap de Zwaan, TEPSA Secretary General

The tragedy about the poisoning of the former Russian spy Skripal (and his daughter) in Salisbury has brought to light a number of phenomena related to the European Union’s CFSP: solidarity as well as rapidity. The decisions taken have triggered solidarity from other (third) countries and NATO within a couple of days. Have we then finally developed a real and effective CFSP? Or is it just an incident?

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TEPSA institute of the month


Department of European Studies and International Relations - University of Nicosia

The Cyprus Center for European and International Affairs (formerly the Research Center – Intercollege) has established itself as a pioneering and innovative think-tank and research institution through the quality of its work and its contribution to society and public debate in Cyprus and beyond...

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News from the TEPSA Secretariat


• TEPSA selected for Europe for Citizens Operating Grant

• TEPSA EfC Grant co-fouded IAI conference "Unione europea: 60+1"


PONT News 

• Updated agenda of PONT Career Skills Training III now available!

• Final report of the PONT Working Europe Seminar III on EU trade policy 

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• FEUTURE Online Paper No. 14: “Identity Representations of Turkey and Europe in Global and Regional Media”, Justine Louis, Shaimaa Magued, Nino Mzhavanadze

• FEUTURE Online Paper No. 15: “Turkish and European Identity Constructions in the 1946-1999 Period”, Senem Aydın-Düzgit, Johanna Chovanec, Seçkin Barış Gülmez, Bahar Rumelili, Alp Eren Topal

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• VIADUCT Master Seminar on EU-Turkey relations

• VIADUCT Newsletter March 2018 is now out!

• Save the date: 1st VIADUCT Week

• The call for the VIADUCT Student Paper Competition is now out!

• Call for papers: VIADUCT Policy Paper

• VIADUCT is also on Twitter and Facebook

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• Updated agenda of the Seneca Networking Conference and Review Workshop, Rīga, Latvia. Registration are still open!

• SEnECA Blog: Central Asia’s role in Latvian Foreign PolicyMāris Andžāns (LIIA, Latvia)

• SEnECA project: the first Newsletter is out! Subscribe now!

• SEnECA is also on Twitter and Facebook

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 News from TEPSA Members and Friends


•  The Romanian Centre for European Policies part of E-PROTECT project (CRPE, Romania)

• Patrick Le Galès, Médaille d’argent CNRS (SciencePo, France)

• IRMO partner on the international research project “Adaptation of Industrial Relations towards New Forms of Work” (IRMO, Croatia)

• Debate on populism in the European Union at the Centre of International Relations (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

• International Symposium 3R: "Revolution, War and their Consequences" (College of Europe, Natolin Campus)

• Razumkov Centre participated in the Economic Forum "Ukraine-Poland" (Razumkov Centre, Ukraine)

• European Direct Information Centre changed Facebook page link (EDIC, University of Malta, Malta )

• FIIA "Expert meeting on EU Defence"(FIIA, Finland)


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Latest publications from the TEPSA network



EU External Relations & Global Politics 


• “The Decline of the Big Five”, Veronika Bílková, (IIR, Czech Republic)

• "Australia and the EU in the Indo-Pacific: Is Cooperation towards a Rules-Based Order Possible?", Milena Selivanov and Nicola Casarini, IAI Commentaries, 18:19, March 2018 (IAI, Italy)

• Policy Paper: Challenges and Perspectives for a Sustainable Transformation in the EU’s Eastern Neighbourhood (IEP, Germany)

• "Seeking the Eastern Partnership’s greatest integer", Andriy Tyushka (CoE, Natolin)

• "Russia’s propaganda war about Syria: How pro-Kremlin Twitter accounts manipulate the West", Sophie Eisentraut (FIIA, Finland)

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European Integration & Institutional Affairs 


• "The "internal security" of the European Union: the case of the Border and Coast Guard", Reinaldo Saraiva Hermenegildo (IPRI-NOVA, Portugal)

• "Permanent Structured Cooperation: not a panacea but an important step for consolidating EU security and defence cooperation", Kyriakos Revelas  (CIFE)

• "New Perspectives - Issue 3/2017" (IIR, Czech Republic)

• Yearbook Article "Europäischer Rat", David Schäfer and Wolfgang Wessels (IEP, Germany)

• "European Defence and Third Countries after Brexit", Øyvind Svendsen (NUPI, Norway)

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Human rights & Migration 


• “The revolution of Muslim women”, Andrés Ortega (Elcano, Spain)

• “Democracies on the back foot”, Andrés Ortega (Elcano, Spain)

• "Gender equality in Trump's America", María Solanas (Elcano, Spain)

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Climate & Energy 


• "Climate change in 2018: from post-Trump global climate governance to Spain", Lara Lázaro Touza (Elcano, Spain)

• “EU gas supply security – the power of the importer”, Jakub Godzimirski, Zuzanna Nowak (NUPI, Norway)

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National Politics 


• “Maximizing the outcomes of Spain´s political engagement with the UN”, Jessica Almvist (Elcano, Spain)

• “A guide to undestanding Italy: the 2018 elections and beyond”, Ilke Toygür (Elcano, Spain)

• “Italy’s 2018 Elections: A Hung Parliament and Four Government Scenarios”, Alessandro Marrone, IAI Commentaries, 18:15, March 2018 (IAI, Italy)

• Fifth interview of the “Klartext”-series: “The public administration reform in the Ukrainian ministries is making considerable progress” (IEP, Germany)

• Annual Analytical Conclusions and Predictions “Ukraine 2017-2018: New Reality, Old Problems” (Razumkov Centre, Ukraine)



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