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 April 2018



Enlargement and our fundamental values

Jaap de Zwaan, TEPSA Secretary General

Recently, more attention has been given to the Enlargement file. After having presented its Strategy for the Balkans last February, on 17 April the European Commission came forward with its annual Enlargement Package. Onthat same occasion the Commission proposed to the Council to open membership negotiations with (the Former Yugoslav Republic of) Macedonia and Albania... 

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TEPSA institute of the month


Netherlands Institute of International Relations ‘Clingendael’

The Netherlands Institute of International Relations (‘Clingendael’) is a think tank and diplomatic training institute situated in The Hague. Clingendael’s location – in a park with all the ministries at a short distance – is well chosen to support international exchange and facilitate interactions between practitioners, academia and media...

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News from the TEPSA Secretariat


•  The draft agenda of the Vienna Pre-Presidency Conference is now available!

• TEPSA presentation on Future of Europe for the 2018 ECPR Standing Group Conference in Paris

• TEPSA launches “TEPSA Voices”: watch the first TEPSA Explainer by Paul Schmidt



PONT News 

• Final agenda of PONT Career Skills Training III now available!

• Three PONT fellows will participate in TEPSA’s Pre-Presidency Conference in Vienna, Austria

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• Call for Papers: Conference and PhD Workshop at the Austrian Cultural Forum and Koc University

• FEUTURE Online Paper No. 16: “EU-Turkey Relations and Irregular Migration: Transactional Cooperation in the Making”, Angeliki Dimitriadi, Ayhan Kaya, Başak Kale, Tinatin Zurabishvili

• FEUTURE Online Paper No. 17: “It Takes Two to Tango: Political changes in Europe and their Impact on Turkey’s EU bid “, Eduard Soler i Lecha, Funda Tekin, Melike Janine Sökmen

• FEUTURE Online Paper No. 18: “Asylum Policy and the Future of Turkey-EU Relations: Between Cooperation and Conflict “, Başak Kale (with contributions from Angeliki Dimitriadi, Elena Sanchez-Montijano and Elif Süm)

• FEUTURE Online Paper No. 19: “Turkey in European Identity Politics: Key Drivers and Future Scenarios”, Jakob Lindgaard, Ayça Uyğur Wessel, Cecilie Felicia Stokholm Banke

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• VIADUCT First Annual Conference took place in Brussels

• VIADUCT is also on Twitter and Facebook

• The call for the VIADUCT Student Paper Competition is now out!

• Call for papers: VIADUCT Policy Paper

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• SEnECA Blog: Horse in North and ship in SouthAbdugani Mamadazimov (Zerkalo, Tajikistan)

• Seneca Networking Conference: check out the pictures, presentation video and video recordings of the event!

• SEnECA is also on Twitter and Facebook

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Expertise for the European Parliament


• Enhancing EU actions on economic, social and cultural rights within its human rights policy, Annabel Egan, Ireland; Laurent Pech, Colm O’Cinneide

• Expansion of the concept of human rights: Impact on rights promotion and protection, Giulia Bonacquisti, Rosa Freedman, Malcolm Langford

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 News from TEPSA Members and Friends


•  Presentation of Razumkov Centre’s Publication – Monography on “Ukraine on the Doorstep of United Europe”'(Razumkov Centre, Ukraine)

• Civil Dialogue “For a Europe of the Future?!” (IEP, Germany)

• IEP Berlin Policy Hub Team welcomes our first fellows from Moldova and Georgia (IEP, Germany)

• Razumkov Centre Participates in the "Meeting of Expert Community Representatives" together with Judges of Ukraine's Constitutional Court ((Razumkov Centre, Ukraine)

• Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research Fellowship news (CNRS - SciencesPo, France)

• The Observatory of European Institutions. A Dataset On The Decision Making In The European Union (1996-2014) (CNRS - SciencesPo, France) 

• Visiting Researchers at Sciences Po-CNRS

• Jean Monnet module on "EU Environmental Policy: Internal and External Dimensions (EU ENVI)" at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

• Jure Požganand Ana Bojinović Fenko (CIR, Slovenia) participated in the annual convention of the International Studies Association (ISA)

• Nina Pejič (CIR, Slovenia) at a conference on populism in EU in Prague

• The IAI Award for young talent is launched (IAI, Italy)

• Changing Europe in a Changing World’ – Conference and book in honour of Mr. András Inotai, the legendary director of our institute between 1991-2011 (IWE, Hungary)


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Upcoming calls


• Applications now open for the “Master in Advanced European and International Studies – Mediterranean Studies” (CIFE)

• Call for applications: 6th European Neighbourhood Policy PhD Summer School (College of Europe Natolin)

• Job Vacancy: Researcher/Senior Researcher at The Centre for Gender and Global Justice (FIIA, Finland)

• Job Vacancy: Research Director (IIR, Czech Republic)

• Call for Papers: Quarterly Journal “integration” (IEP, Germany)

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Latest publications from the TEPSA network


EU External Relations & Global Politics 


• “Nordic-Baltic Security in Times of Uncertainty: The Defence-Energy Nexus”, Jakub Godzimirski, Aleksandra Gawlikowska-Fyk, Marcin Terlikowski, Wojciech Lorenz, Bartosz Bieliszczuk, Artur Kacprzyk (NUPI, Norway)

• “Societal Security in Baltic Sea Region: Expertise Mapping and Raising Policy Relevance”, Andris Sprūds, Boris Kuznetsov, Mika Aaltola eds. (LIIA, Latvia)

• “Beyond Enlargement: Conceptualizing the Study of the European Neighbourhood Policy”, Frank Schimmelfennig (ETH, Zürich)

• “The Social Construction of Slovakia as a Donor and its Power Effects”, Tomas Profant (IIR, Czech Republic)

• “Russian-Chinese relations in Eurasia: Harmonization or subordination”, Marcin Kaczmarski (FIIA, Finland)

More publications on EU External Relations and Global Politics



European Integration & Institutional Affairs 


• “L’évolution du processus législatif de l’Union européenne. Conflictualité, consensus et tendances sectorielles”, SciencesPo-CNRS (France)

• “European Integration (Theory) in Times of Crisis. A Comparison of the Euro and Schengen Crises”, Frank Schimmelfennig (ETH, Zürich)

• “Welfare Democracies and Party Politics : Explaining Electoral Dynamcs in Times of Changing Welfare Capitalism”, Philip Manow, Bruno Palier, Hanna Schwander (SciencesPo-CNRS, France)

• “The composition of the European Parliament in 2019”, Victoriano Ramírez González, José A. Martínez Aroza, Antonio Palomares Bautista (Elcano, Spain)

• “Brexit: Anything could happen in the next half year”, Brendan Donnelly (The Federal Trust for Education and Research, UK)

More publications on European Integration & Institutional Affairs



Economy & Trade  


• “The post-neoliberal US economy: the new active role of the state is necessary”, Miron Wolnicki, Ryszard Piasecki (CIFE)

• “Elites, Economy and Society”, COUSIN, Bruno, KHAN, Shamus, MEARS, Ashley (eds.) (SciencesPo-CNRS, France)

• “Debt mutualisation, inflation and populism in the Eurozone”, Alfredo Arahuetes García, Gonzalo Gómez Bengoechea (Elcano, Spain)

• “Reforming the European Monetary Union: The Challenge of Reconciling Risk Sharing with Market Discipline”, Nicola Bilotta (IAI, Italy)

• “Eurozone Stabilisation Fund Revisited”, Mark Nevin (Federal Trust, UK)

More publications on Economy & Trade



Human rights & Migration 


• “Russia in the Council of Europe: Participation à la carte”, Petra Roter (CIR, Slovenia)

• "Language Rights in the Work of the Advisory Committee", Petra Roter, Brigitta Busch (CIR, Slovenia)

More publications on Human rights & Migration


European Commission public consultations 


The European Commission has launched a public consultation concerning issues regularly covered by member institutes of the TEPSA network. 

• Public consultation on ecodesign requirements for standby, networked standby and off mode electric power consumption

• Public consultation on The European Heritage Label action

• Exploratory Public Consultation on the establishment in the EU of Decisions relating to binding information in the field of customs valuation

• Public Consultation on the Evaluation of the European Union’s Policy Coherence for Development (2009-2016)

• Public Consultation on the European Week of Sport

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