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February 2019



Migration and Solidarity, a flexible approach

Jaap de Zwaan, TEPSA Secretary General

Since mid-2016 several Commission proposals regarding the reform of the Common European Asylum System (CEAS) are discussed regularly in the Council and European Council, without any progress being achieved. It appears to be impossible to find satisfactory solutions... 

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TEPSA institute of the month

Finnish Institute of International Affairs (FIIA) 

The Finnish Institute of International Affairs is a Helsinki-based independent research institute that produces high level research to support political decision-making and public debate both nationally and internationally. Its three research programmes are (...). 

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News from the TEPSA Secretariat


• New TEPSA Brief: “What we know that we don’t know: globalisation, demographic balances and security issues”, Teresa Rodrigues

• TEPSA-Elcano discussion: The future of Europe – views from the capitals

• TEPSA confirmed as one of the leading think-tank networks in the world by the 2018 Global Go To Think-Tank Index 

• Meet TEPSA's new Financial Manager, Mairead Audounet



• FEUTURE Concluding Conference "Back to the F(e)uture: Discussing scenarios for EU-Turkey Relations", 28 February and 1 March 2019, Brussels  

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• Second VIADUCT Week, 18-21 March 2019, Istanbul  

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Expertise for the European Parliament

• Study: "Misuse of Interpol’s Red Notices and impact on human rights – recent developments", Rasmus H WANDALL (University of Lund, Wandall Kopenhagen), Dan SUTER (iJust), Gabriela IVAN-CUCU (University of Nottingham) 


 News from TEPSA Members and Friends


• IRMO launches VET4BioECONOMY, a project to increase the knowledge and provide key competences in forest bioeconomy (IRMO, Croatia)

• Tune into NUPI podcast about "Giving Chinese tech giants access to Europe – what are the consequences?" (NUPI, Norway) 

• Arnaud Leconte appointed new Director of the Joint Master in global economic governance and public affairs (CIFE, France)

• IAI Prize takes off again (IAI, Italy) 

• The Finnish Institute of International Affairs seeks a director (FIIA, Finland) 

• Freedom and independence of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is in danger (IWE, Hungary) 

• CIFE Energy students visit Cluj-Napoca (CIFE, France) 

• LIIA is part of #EUProtect, a project promoting the role of the society and the individual in the EU (LIIA, Latvia)

• Razumkov Centre experts take part in the XII Forum “Europa – Ukraina” (Razumkov, Ukraine) 

• The Spaceu2019 project launches its website, aiming at informing on how mobile citizens living and working in another EU country can vote in the upcoming EP elections (RSCAS, EUI, Italy)

• Ministers for European Integration from the Western Balkans visit Natolin (CoE, Poland)

• Issue 3 of interdisciplinary journal New Perspectives is out (IIR, Czech Republic)

• The Swedish Institute of International Affairs launches a new project on the power of standard setting and its implications(SIIA-UI, Sweden) 

• More attractive and engaging tools to teach international business are developed under the project VCL4IB (CIR, Slovenia) 

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Upcoming calls


• Call for papers – A European defence policy (CIFE, France) 

• Call for applications - 2019-20 OxPo Academic exchanges (SPCEE, France) 

• Call for papers - EACES Workshop at the XX April international academic conference on economic and social development (IWE, Hungary) 

• Call for applications - 15th Migration summer school (RSCAS, EUI, Italy)

• Call for applications - Course on “Trade negotiations in an era of uncertainty” (RSCAS, EUI, Italy) 

• Call for applications - Executive training seminar on “Global quest for investment finance for the low carbon economy” (RSCAS, EUI, Italy) 

• Call for applications - 7th edition of the Warsaw Euro-Atlantic summer academy (CoE, Poland) 

• Call for applications - Roundtable for young researchers as part of the international workshop on ‘Small States and Good Governance’ (IIA, Iceland) 

• Call for applications - Workshop on “Research in think tanks: developing your own research design & qualitative data analysis” (IEP, Germany)

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Upcoming events


• Natolin Neighbourhood days 2019 “The many faces of migration governance in today’s EU and its neighbourhood”, February & March 2019, Natolin (CoE, Poland) 

• Final public conference “The Middle East and the EU: new realities, new policies”, 6 March 2019, Brussels (CIDOB, Spain; IAI, Italy) 

• Conference “The future of Europe and the Scottish dimension”, 7 March 2019, London (The Federal Trust, UK)

• CEE general seminar “Including strangers, now and then: how old ideas drive contemporary migrant policies in Catalonia and South Tyrol”, 12 March 2019, Paris (CEE Sciences Po, France) 

• Special lecture “Palestinian political discourse: then and now” by Dr Emile BADARIN, 13 March 2019, Natolin (CoE, Poland) 

• Event “What agenda for the next European Parliament?”, 19 March 2019, Brussels (RSCAS, EUI, Italy)

• Conferences series “Waiting for European elections”, 20 March 2019, Paris (CEE Sciences Po, France)

• Presentation of the World Bank 2019 World Development report “The changing nature of jobs”, 4 April 2019, Florence (RSCAS, EUI, Italy) 

• Conference “Baltic EU conversations 2019: awaiting political change”, 5 April 2019, Riga (LIIA, Latvia) 

• EACES workshop “Readiness for the 4th industrial revolution in the European Union”, 5-6 April 2019, Szeged (IWE, Hungary) 

• High-Level transatlantic lecture by Heather A. Conley “Transatlantic relations and global order in the 21st century”, 10 April 2019, Bruges (CoE, Belgium)

• Lecture “Ukraine between elections: the new President and the October 2019 parliamentary vote”, 24 April 2019, Prague (IIR, Czech Republic) 

• EUI State of the Union, 2-4 May 2019, Florence (RSCAS, EUI, Italy) 

• International conference “The EU, Central Asia & the South Caucasus: new approaches on regional and international cooperation”, 23-24 May 2019, Bishkek (IEP, Germany)

More upcoming events

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Latest publications from the TEPSA network



Economy & Trade  


• “Adhesive and centrifugal forces in the post-Soviet economic space”, András Deák (IWE, Hungary) 

• “New business and regulatory strategies in the postal sector”,  Luigi Parcu, Timothy Brennan & Victor Glass (RSCAS, EUI, Italy) 

• “Market liberalism and economic patriotism in the capitalist world-system”, Miklós Szanyi, Miklós Somai, Erzsébet N. Rózsa, Judit Ricz, Tamás Gerőcs et al. (IWE, Hungary) 

• “Economic internationalization and the decline of the left–right dimension”, GROSSMAN Emiliano & SAUGER Nicolas (CEE Sciences Po, France)  

More publications on Economy & Trade



Climate & Energy 


• “Towards sustainable cities, a matter of faith?”, Eva Garcia Chueca (CIDOB, Spain)

• “Energy infrastructure as a target of terrorist attacks from the IS”, Lukáš Tichý (IIR, Czech Republic) 

More publications on Climate & Energy



National Politics 


•  “Parliamentary control of Brexit is easier said than done”, Brendan Donnelly (The Federal Trust, UK)

• “The centenary of Latvia’s foreign affairs: scenarios for the future”, Andris Sprūds, Valters Ščerbinskis & Kārlis Bukovskis (LIIA, Latvia) 

• “Negotiating Venezuela’s future: first agreement, then elections”, Mikael Wigell & Mikko Pyhälä (FIIA, Finland)

• “Poland in Europe: disappointment or merely hiccup?”, Piotr Maciej Kaczyński (Elcano, Spain) 

• “Ukraine on the eve of election year: public demand, positions of political actors, outline of the new government”, the Razumkov Centre (Ukraine)

• “Semi-presidential systems”, Andriy TYUSHKA (CoE, Poland) 

• “Ukraine 2018-2019: cautious optimism before elections”, Yakymenko Yu. et al. (Razumkov, Ukraine) 

• “Hybrid warriors: transforming Czech security through the ‘Russian Hybrid Warfare’ assemblage”, Jan Daniel & Jakub Eberle (IIR, Czech Republic) 

• “Perceptions of Germany in the security of the Baltic Sea region”, Andris Sprūds & Elizabete Vizgunova (LIIA, Latvia)

More publications on National Politics


European Commission public consultations 


The European Commission has launched public consultations concerning issues regularly covered by member institutes of the TEPSA network. 

• Consultation on the role of the euro in the field of energy

Find more Commission public consultations here


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