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March 2019



The European Elections of 23-26 May 2019: a moment of truth 

Jaap de Zwaan, TEPSA Secretary General

The European elections of 23-26 May take place at a crucial moment in the history of the European Union (EU): Brexit (yes or no?), migration reforms not being agreed upon, strong divergences between the member states regarding economic development and employment, concerns about [...]

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TEPSA institute of the month

Institute for European Politics (IEP)

The Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP) has been active in the field of European integration since its foundation in 1959. It is one of Germany’s leading research institutes in the field of foreign and European policy and a founding member of TEPSA. In all its activities, IEP takes into consideration that the European Union is...

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News from the TEPSA Secretariat


• TEPSA launches the 2019 edition of its student contest on Solidarity 

• TEPSA Brief: “Horizon Europe: Risks and challenges for EU research and innovation policies”, Nuno Gama de Oliveira Pinto 

• TEPSA – IPRI EU elections discussion event: Portuguese political parties and the European Union


#EngagEU News

• #EngagEU Manifesto Workshop took place on 18-19 March 2019 in Berlin

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• The FEUTURE concluding conference ‘Back to the F(e)uture: Discussing scenarios for EU-Turkey relations’ took place o28 February and 1 March 2019 in Brussels

• Read FEUTURE Online Paper No. 28: Narratives of a contested relationship – unravelling the debates in the EU and Turkey

• Read FEUTURE Online Paper No. 29: Modes of regional cooperation and their political economy

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• VIADUCT PhD School took place on 18-19 March 2019 in Istanbul

• VIADUCT Second annual conference took place on 20-21 March 2019 in Istanbul 

• VIADUCT Policy paper on “Europeanization and de-europeanization process of Turkish foreign policy” is available 

• VIADUCT Student paper on “Turkish language in the European Union post-Brexit” is available

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• Register for the opening of SEnECA Photo Exhibition

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 News from TEPSA Members and Friends


•  The 4th issue of "Monitor: global intelligence on racism", the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies' monthly magazine is out (RSCAS, EUI, Italy)

• The Robert Schuman Centre newsletter is out (RSCAS, EUI, Italy)

• The freedom and independence, as well as the pure existence, of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is still in danger (IWE, Hungary)

• Natolin delegates awarded at the London International Model United Nations (CoE, Poland)

• Video of the conferences series “Waiting for European elections” – #1: Brexistential dilemmas is out (CEE Sciences Po, France)

• Video of the conferences series “Waiting for European Elections” – #2 It’s the Institutions, Stupid is out (CEE Sciences Po, France)

• The Florence school of regulation launches the 1st “Lights on women” Scholarship (RSCAS, EUI, Italy)

• Students prepare a strategy for launching Slovene integrative medicine to foreign markets (CIR, Slovenia)

• Memorandum of Understanding signed between FON and CIFE (CIFE, France)

• The Razumkov Centre took part in Brussels UkraineLab (Razumkov, Ukraine)

• Hon. Madeleine K. Albright, former US Secretary of State, inaugurates the Zbigniew Brzezinski Memorial Lecture Series (CoE, Poland)

• Head of the Centre of International Relations, Dr. Maja Bučar, participated at the ‘University-Industry Engagement Conference’ in Australia (CIR, Slovenia)

• New Visiting Researcher: Christofer Berglund (IIR, Czech Republic)

• Russia’s hybrid war in Ukraine: report of the Razumkov Centre’s expert in the European Parliament (Razumkov, Ukraine)

• Job opening at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies (RSCAS, EUI, Italy)

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Upcoming calls


• Call for contributions to Issue #1.19 of the EU-China Observer (College of Europe)

• Call for applications – Summer University (CIFE, France)

• Call for applications - 2019 campaign of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (CEE Sciences Po, France)

• Call for papers for the next GLOBALCIT annual conference (RSCAS, EUI, Italy) 

• Call for papers – Disinformation and power: crisis of the intermediaries (CIDOB, Spain)

• Call for papers – A European defence policy (CIFE, France)

• Call for proposals  2019 Think Visegrad fellowship (IIR, Czech Republic)

• Call for ideas – Indicators to assess risks to media pluralism in the digital age (RSCAS, EUI, Italy) 

More upcoming calls


Upcoming events


• New Generation Summit "10th Anniversary of the Eastern Partnership", 27 March 2019, Warsaw (CoE, Poland)

• Ministerial Debate "10th Anniversary of the Eastern Partnership", 27 March 2019, Warsaw (CoE, Poland)

• International Conference "10th Anniversary of the Eastern Partnership", 28 March 2019, Warsaw (CoE, Poland)

• Workshop "Political Economy – What’s the Value Added", 28 March 2019, Paris (CEE Sciences Po, France)

• Seminar "Local Energy Supplies and Recommunalization of Utility Providers", 29 March 2019, Barcelona (CIDOB, Spain)

• Joint Training Course "The Fundamentals of Energy Regulation", 1 – 5 April 2019, Brussels (RSCAS, EUI, Italy)

• Conférence "L’Union européenne et les Balkans occidentaux : est-il insensé de parler d’élargissement en temps de crise ?", 2 avril 2019, Paris (CIFE, France)

• Roundtable "Syria: how are regional and international actors reshaping the Assad’s regime sovereignity? – Launch of the Wartime and Post-Conflict in Syria project", 3 April 2019, Florence (RSCAS, EUI, Italy) 

• International Workshop "Small States and Good Governance", 4 April 2019, Ljubljana (IIA, Iceland)

• Conference "Cities and Digital Technology Chair", 4 April 2019, Paris (CEE Sciences Po, France)

• Presentation of the World Bank 2019 World Development Report "The Changing Nature of Work", 4 April 2019, Florence (RSCAS, EUI, Italy)

• Lecture "Energy, Climate Change & Comprehensive Security in the EU-Russia-US relations", 5 April 2019, Prague (IIR, Czech Republic)

• Conference "The EU and ASEAN: Real partners or summit friends?", 15 April 2019, Turin (IAI, Italy)

• Presentation "Ukraine Between Elections: The New President and the October 2019 Parliamentary Vote", 24 April 2019, Prague (IIR, Czech Republic)

• Annual Conference "European Financial Infrastructure in the Face of New Challenges", 25 April 2019, Florence (RSCAS, EUI, Italy) 

• International Conference "EU-China 2020 Strategic Agenda for Cooperation", 13 May 2019, Brussels (College of Europe)

More upcoming events

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Latest publications from the TEPSA network


EU External Relations & Global Politics 


• "Reactive power EU: Russian aggression and the development of an EU Arctic Policy", Marianne Riddervold and Maia Cross (NUPI, Norway)

• "Will Russia return to Europe?", Andrey Kortunov (CIDOB, Spain)

• "The changing global order and its implications for the EU", Katja Creutz, Tuomas Iso-Markku, Teija Tiilikainen and Kristi Raik (FIIA, Finland)

• "Purposefully triggering unintended consequences: the European Commission and the uncertain future of the ACP-EU partnership", Maurizio Carbone (IAI, Italy)

• "Russian political war: moving beyond the hybrid", Mark Galeotti (IIR, Czech Republic)

• "Managing transatlantic (mis)trust: the Trump era in perspective", Matti Pesu and Ville Sinkkonen (FIIA, Finland)

• "Interregnum: the regional order in the Middle East and North Africa after 2011", Raffaella A. Del Sarto, Helle Malmvig and Eduard Soler i Lecha (CIDOB, Spain)

• "What prospects for stabilisation and reconstruction in the Middle East and North Africa?", Luigi Narbone (RSCAS, EUI, Italy)

More publications on EU External Relations and Global Politics



European Integration & Institutional Affairs 


• "What agenda for the next European parliament? Policy papers" – Special Edition (RSCAS, EUI, Italy)

• "Norway and the changing Common Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union", Christophe Hillion (NUPI, Norway)

• "An unfair tax policy de-legitimizes the EU", Carlos Closa Montero (Elcano, Spain) 

• "Brexit: ”No deal” is still on the table", Brendan Donnelly (The Federal Trust, UK)

• "Europe’s choice: what lies ahead?", Ilke Toygür (Elcano, Spain)


More publications on European Integration & Institutional Affairs



 Human rights & Migration 


• "Constructing Roma migrants – European narratives and local governance", Tina Magazzini and Stefano Piemontese (RSCAS, EUI, Italy) 

• "A security threat or an economic consequence?", Jan Kovář (IIR, Czech Republic)

• "Le déclin démographique de l’Europe à l’horizon 2050 puis 2100", Jean-Claude Vérez (CIFE, France) 

• "Horizontal and vertical diversity: unintended consequences of EU external migration policy", Natasja Reslow (IAI, Italy)

More publications on Human rights & Migration



National Politics 


• "It’s not the left: ideology and protest participation in old and new democracies", Filip Kostelka and Jan Rovny (CEE Sciences Po, France)

• "Religion as a Weapon: Invoking Religion in Secularized Societies", Petr Kratochvil (IIR, Czech Republic)

• "Whither Brexit?", Quentin Peel (CIDOB, Spain) 

• "Nigeria’s 2019 elections: so many choices, so difficult to choose", Ojobo Ode Atuluku (Elcano, Spain) 

• "Imagining future(s) for the Middle East and North Africa", Edgar Göll, Silvia Colombo and Eduard Soler i Lecha (CIDOB, Spain)

• "Brothers in arms? Recent developments in Hungary-Huawei relations in the context of global Huawei phobia", Peragovics Tamás (IWE, Hungary) 

More publications on National Politics


European Commission public consultations 


The European Commission has launched public consultations concerning issues regularly covered by member institutes of the TEPSA network. 

• Public Consultation on the midterm evaluation of the Structural Reform Support Programme 2017-2020

• Public Consultation on the role of the euro in the field of energy

• Public Consultation on gender equality in the EU

Find more Commission public consultations here


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