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May 2019



Looking Ahead

Jaap de Zwaan, TEPSA Secretary General

When the Finnish Presidency will take office in July, the EU will enter a new stage of the integration process: new personalities to manage the institutions and, as to content, a strategic agenda to be implemented.

The new personalities are [...]

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TEPSA institute of the month

Institute of European Studies and International Relations (IESIR) – Comenius University Bratislava

The Institute of European Studies and International Relations (IESIR) builds on the legacy of the Department of Political Science founded by Prof. Miroslav Kusý at the Faculty of Arts, Comenius University in 1990. In addition to that, the direct predecessor of IESIR was the Centre of European Studies, founded as a multidisciplinary research centre at Comenius University in 1998. In its present form, IESIR was established...

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News from the TEPSA Secretariat


• TEPSA will organise an EU@Work Seminar for Master students from 9 to 12 July 2019 in Brussels

• The TEPSA Pre-Presidency Conference will take place from 6 to 7 June 2019 in Helsinki

• Read the TEPSA Recommendations for the upcoming Finnish EU Presidency

• TEPSA and the University of Duisburg-Essen organised an EP Elections Event "What Future for Europe after the EP elections? National perspectives from seven European countries" in Brussels

• TEPSA and IIR organised an Urban Talk "Reflection on the European Parliament elections results" in Brno

• TEPSA and NBU organised a European Parliament simulation for high school students in Sofia

• TEPSA and EFPI/ICDS organised an EP Elections Event: "A Shake up of EU Politics?" in Tallinn

• New TEPSA Brief: “Turkish public opinion and the EU: erosion of trust”, Özgehan Şenyuva (METU, Turkey)

• New TEPSA Brief: "Czech citizens’ and parties’ attitude towards the EU in the 2019 European election campaign", Daniela Lenčéš Chalániová, Dean of the School of International Relations & Diplomacy at the Anglo-American University in Prague, Czech Republic

• New TEPSA Explainer: "The impact of the Spanish general elections on the European Parliament elections", Ilke Toygür (Elcano, Spain)

• New TEPSA Explainer: "The European Parliament elections and Hungary", Andras Inotai (Institute of World Economics, Hungary)


#EngagEU News

• The #EngagEU Manifesto ‘Young ideas for the future of Europe’ is now available online

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• FEUTURE project was completed on 31 March 2019

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• New Policy Paper: Central Asia in 2030: SEnECA’s forecasts for the region and the role of the EU

• New blog post: "In search for a common ground: European and Chinese engagement in Central Asia" by Dr. Una Aleksandra Bērziņa-Čerenkova, Latvian Institute of International Affairs

• New blog post: "Ubekistan - Germany: a wide range of cooperation" by Ulugbek Normatov, Institute for Strategic and Regional Studies under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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 News from TEPSA Members and Friends


• Professor Anna Triandafyllidou was nominated as Canada Excellence Research Chair (CERC) in Migration and Integration at Ryerson University (RSCAS, Italy)

• Subscribe to the IAI led EU IDEA project Newsletter (IEP, Germany)

• Students of the Academia Diplomática Augusto Ramírez Ocampo attended a five-day course at the College of Europe Development Office to better understand the EU (CoE, Belgium)

• Ádám Kerényi was in Vietnam in the framework of a bilateral scientific exchange program (Institute of World Economics, Hungary)

• Video of the conference on May 4, "Élections européennes : comment construire une Europe plus durable ?" - Les candidats nous répondent is available online (Sciences Po, France)

• A meeting of the Scientific Council of the Elcano Royal Institute took place in Segovia, Spain (Elcano, Spain)

• The Centre of International Relations hosts various guest lecturers that discuss different environmental topics (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

• First issue of the year of journal New Perspectives is out (IIR, Czech Republic)

• Expert on China Frank Jüris joined EFPI/ICDS (EFPI, Estonia)

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Upcoming calls


• Call for applications - Launch of CIFE Executive Training (CIFE, France)

• Call for applications Negotiations in Practice (CoE, Belgium)

• Call for contributions The Role of State in Varieties of Capitalism (SVOC) – Institutions and Change (Institute of World Economics, Hungary)

• Call for applications - Course: Managing Migration in Europe: Challenge and Response (CoE, Belgium)

• Call for submissions - Academic poster session: “Five years after the Maidan: post-revolution evolution” (CoE, Poland)

• Call for abstractsMEDirections Annual Conference “Conflicts and Natural Resources in the MENA Region and its Immediate Neighbourhood“ (RSCAS, Italy)

More upcoming calls


Upcoming events


• EU Association Event: Moving forward together?!, 13-14 June (IEP, Germany)

• Conference: 70 anni di NATO: priorità italiane per il futuro dell’Alleanza Atlantica, 13 June (IAI, Italy)

• Conference: 8th Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures. Digital Platforms – The New Network Industries? How to regulate them?, 20 June (RSCAS, Italy)

• Conference: “Terrorism & Security Governance”, 21 June (RSCAS, Italy)

• Meeting: Europe and Iran: the Challenge of Engagement, 21 June (IAI, Italy)

• Seminar: Intensive Seminar on the EU, 1 July (CoE, Belgium)

• Conference: Construire les politiques de lutte contre la pauvreté urbaine à partir du terrain, 4 July (Sciences Po, France)

• Summer course: 7th European Neighbourhood Policy PhD Summer School, 15-21 August (CoE, Poland)

• Conference: The Role of State in Varieties of Capitalism (SVOC) – Institutions and Change, 28 November (Institute of World Economics, Hungary)

More upcoming events

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Latest publications from the TEPSA network



European Integration & Institutional Affairs


• “Europe seen from Germany, Spain, France and Italy” (Elcano, Spain)

• “21st Century democracy in Europe : data dossier”, Gaby Umbach and Caterina Guidi (RSCAS, Italy)

• "What the European far rights share on social networks”, Caterina Froio (Sciences Po, France)

• “What’s next for EU enlargement” (IIEA, Ireland)

• “The Emergence of a European Political Space”, Stefan Lehne (IAI, Italy)

• "Rethinking the ecosystem of international city networks. Challenges and opportunities”, Agustí Fernández de Losada and Hannah Abdullah (coords.) (CIDOB, Spain)

• “Populism and Attitudes towards the EU in Central Europe”, Marko Lovec (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia)

More publications on European Integration & Institutional Affairs



Economy & Trade  


•  "Promoting the Right to Housing at EU Level", Lorenzo Vidal (CIDOB, Spain)

More publications on Economy & Trade



 Human rights & Migration 


• “China’s challenge to human rights: Increased proactivity may weaken the UN human rights system”, Katja Creutz (FIIA, Finland)

• “Critical insights on irregular migration facilitation: global perspectives”, Gabriella Sanchez and Luigi Achilli (RSCAS, Italy)

• “Waking Up the Golden Dawn: Does Exposure to the Refugee Crisis Increase Support for Extreme-Right Parties?”, Elias Dinas, Konstantinos Matakos, Dimitrios Xefteris and Dominik Hangartne (ETH, Switzerland)

More publications on Human rights & Migration



National Politics 


• “Jihadists who left Spain for Syria as foreign terrorist fighters but have returned”, Fernando Reinares (Elcano, Spain)

• “The very odd couple: Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn”, Brendan Donnelly (Federal Trust, UK)

• A review of the book: “The Pages of Jewish history of Ukraine” in the magazine New Eastern Europe, Kateryna Pryshchepa (CoE, Poland)

• “The Brain drain from Russia: The Kremlinʼs double-edged sword”, Jussi Lassila (FIIA, Finland)

• “Does Italian Bicameralism double the chance of influencing EU decision-making?”, Eleonora Poli (IAI, Italy)

• “The 1981 coup d’état and trial in Spain: possible lessons for Turkey”, Charles Powell (Elcano, Spain)

• “Creating a ‘Capital of the Night’: The Role of Music Venues in Berlin and Paris”, Myrtille Picaud (Sciences Po, France)

More publications on National Politics


European Commission public consultations 


The European Commission has launched a public consultation concerning issues regularly covered by member institutes of the TEPSA network. 

• Public Consultation on the midterm evaluation of the Structural Reform Support Programme 2017-2020

Find more Commission public consultations here


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