A series of short essays with fresh thinking on the European Union: What the European Union Did Next

“What the European Union Did Next” addresses the intrinsic quality of European cooperation and it finds reason to be cheerful. Each of the essays collected identifies one undervalued quality of the EU’s modus operandi and shows how that quality could revitalise the Union. By reference to a whole range of policy areas, from foreign policy to social exclusion to constitutional policy, the eleven contributions make the case for the EU’s strengths – and its limitations. Edited by Almut Möller and Roderick Parkes, it includes the following contributions on The Involuntary Union: European Economic Governance and the Union State by Cornelius Adebahr; The Strategic Union: Rising to the Multipolar Challenge by Thomas Renard & Sven Biscop; The Unromantic Union: Give and Take in EU Home Affairs by Roderick Parkes; The Learning Union: EU Social Inclusion Policy, Lessons from Eastern Europe by Irena Cerovic; The Flexible Union: Rethinking Constitutional Affairs by Almut Möller; The Democratic Union: Strengthening Democracy in the Wider Europe by Deniz Devrim & Jordi Vaquer; The Substantial Union: Recasting the EU’s Middle East Policies by Timo Behr; From Inspiring to Declining Union? Europe at the Tipping Point and the Turkish Solution by Nora Fisher Onar; The Delivery Union: How the 27 Strengths of the EU Can Lead to Better Regulation by Mirte van den Berge; The Sustainable Union: Towards a European Energy Community for the 21st Century by Sami Andoura; and The Restrained Union: Has EU Counter-Terrorism Policy Become More About Having an EU Policy Than About Countering Terrorism? by Toby Archer.



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