Conference on “A year after the crisis: adjustment in Greece and the Eurozone”, ΕΚΕΜΕ, ECEFIL and TEPSA, Brussels, 31 May 2011

The Greek Centre of European Studies & Research (EKEME), the European Center of Economic and Financial Law (ECEFIL) and the Trans European Policy Studies Association (TEPSA) invited you to the ΕΚΕΜΕ, ECEFIL and TEPSA conference on “A year after the crisis: adjustment in Greece and the Eurozone”.

One year after its eruption and as the crisis deepens, the question of what will be the key strategic consequences and policy implications of the current financial and economic problems warrants an answer. The conference aimed to raise public awareness over the current economic situation both in Greece and the eurozone and to kick off a public debate.

The conference took place on the 31st of May 2011, 15.00-17.30, at the European Parliament, Brussels.


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