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    Book Launch: “Partners of First Resort: America, Europe, and the Future of the West” by David McKean and Bart M.J. Szewczyk, 7 December 2020 (College of Europe, Bruges)

    16:00Online Event

    On 7 December 2020, the College of Europe/Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy joint Master of Arts in Transatlantic Affairs programme host a book launch presentation of “Partners of First Resort: America, Europe, and the Future of the West”, co-authored by David MCKEAN and Bart M.J. SZEWCZYK. In their new book, the authors outline a “transatlantic renaissance” and reflect on how U.S. and European leaders can work together to craft a new Atlantic Charter that would restore the liberal objectives that animated the Western alliance for more than seven decades and reinvent the transatlantic partnership for the challenges of our time.

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    Online Discussion: “What is the impact of Euroscepticism in Sweden?”, 9 December 2020 (SIIA-UI, Sweden)

    14:00Online Event

    What is the impact of Euroscepticism in Sweden and in Europe?
    Does the EU have a future as a community of values?

    In this webinar, the publication Euroscepticism and the Future of Europe, Views from the Capitals and the Swedish chapter, “Sweden: Battling for Values”, will be presented by the author of the latter, Gunilla Herolf. Thereafter, a discussion will be held in which three distinguished panelists will give their views on Euroscepticism in Sweden and in Europe as a whole. This event takes place online on 9 December 2020 at 14:00 CET.

    Gunilla Herolf, Senior Associated Research Fellow, The Swedish Institute of International Affairs

    Christian Danielsson, Head of the European Commission’s Representation in Sweden
    Abir Al-Sahlani, Member of the European Parliament for the Swedish Center Party
    Eleonora Poli, Senior Fellow at the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI), Rome, Italy

    Moderation :
    Björn Fägersten, Head of the Europe Programme, The Swedish Institute of International Affairs

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    This event marks the publication of the book Euroscepticism and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals edited by Michael KaedingJohannes Pollak and Paul Schmidt. Eurosceptic parties are in government across Europe, and they have considerable influence over the national debate. “Euroscepticism and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals” maps and analyses this phenomenon across the continent. Over 40 authors have given their expert views on Euroscepticism in the EU, in neighbouring countries, and in candidate countries. “Euroscepticism and the Future of Europe: Views from the Capitals” is a political travel guide, taking you on a tour through the political diversity of Europe. You can purchase the book here.

  • Thu

    Online Event: “Italy and the European Investment Bank”, 10 December (CERE)

    Online Event

    The Workshop “Italy and the European Investment Bank” will take place on 10 December 2020.  The Workshop aims at analysing the role and policy of the EIB in Italy. It will be hosted by the Department of Political Science, Law and International Studies of the University of Padova in cooperation with the Institute of Political Science and the Robert Schuman Initiative for European Affairs of the University of Luxembourg. The Workshop will take place remotely due to the Covid-19 measures.

    The Workshop is the second leg of the Conference “Analysing the European Investment Bank: interdisciplinary approaches to understanding the past, present and future of the world’s biggest lender”, which took place at the University of Luxembourg on 10-11 July 2019. The Conference had been attended by 25 prominent scholars from top universities in 9 EU countries and the USA, with well-known track records on European Investment Bank (EIB) research. The works presented examined the EIB from different backgrounds such as economy, history, law and political science.

    The Workshop focuses on EIB activity in Italy, as one of the bank’s founding shareholders, one of its prime beneficiary countries and a decisive contributor in the bank’s evolution from an institutional and organizational perspective. The organisation of a specific event dedicated to Italy was deemed necessary as a result of the large number of proposals received on the topic following the Call for Papers for the first Conference issued in 2018.

    The Workshop provides the opportunity for an in depth academic discussion.  The organisers will seek to publish the papers presented in Padova as a special issue of an international journal.

    Lucia Coppolaro, Associate Professor of International History, University of Padova.
    Helen Kavvadia, Researcher in Residence, Institute of Political Science, University of Luxembourg.

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