Electronic Collection “SPES Policy Papers“ launched

The electronic collection “SPES Policy Papers“ is dedicated to issues of current and future relevance to European foreign and security policy. Written by fellows of the Study Programme on European Security (SPES) for fellows from Central and Eastern Europe – conducted by IEP and supported by the Volkswagen Foundation – as well as researchers from IEP, the papers focus on four thematic clusters:

• The EU and Russia
• European Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy
• The EU’s civilian and military crisis management
• European energy policy and climate change policy

Against the background that the scientific debate on European foreign and security policy is often dominated by Western perspectives, this paper series stands out by providing a platform for alternative viewpoints that focus on external perceptions and assessments of EU policies, actions and discourses.
The first policy paper (to download here) written by Iryna Solonenko attempts to explain to what extent the EU has had an impact on internal developments in Ukraine since the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) was launched in 2005. By tracing the resonance that this EU policy has had on different actors and processes, the paper challenges the dominant discourse about the failure of the ENP.

For more information on SPES please go to http://www.iep-berlin.de/699.html?&L=1


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