Lunch Conference “Europeanization, Usages of Europe and Welfare State Reforms in Europe”, 1st of December 2010, Fondation Universitaire, Brussels.




During the lunch Conference “Europeanization, Usages of Europe and Welfare State Reforms in Europe”, Mr. Paolo Graziano, associate researcher at the Centre d’Études Européennes (Sciences Po), did a presentation on the project he is currently carrying out with other researchers. The core of this project puts forward “how the European integration does influence national social policies by exploring and specifying what are the political mechanisms through which the EU plays a role in domestic social policy changes”.

The Panel was composed of Mr. Rob Cornelissen (Adviser on social protection and integration at the European Commission, DG EMPL and Guest Professor on European Social Security, Ghent University); and Mr. David Natali (Scientific Director, European Social Observatory) and was moderated by Prof. Jean-Paul Jacqué (TEPSA Secretary General).

Conference report is available here.


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