Centre international de formation européenne (CIFE)

Director: Matthias Waechter

Website: http://www.cife.eu/

Contact: Nice Office // Berlin Office // Bruxelles Office // Istanbul Office 


CIFE is a private institution of higher education and research. Founded in 1954, it was among the first institutions offering interdisciplinary academic programmes on European integration. CIFE is based in Nice, Berlin, Brussels and Istanbul.

For more than 60 years, we have brought the benefits of European integration to students through our interdisciplinary, international Master programmes and other learning formats. We educate the next generations of Policy Officers in European institutions and international organisations – working for a federal, equal, and sustainable European Union in a globalised world.

CIFE is one of the seven institutions to receive special funding by the European Union within the Jean Monnet Programme (Erasmus+).

Every year, students from all continents and a great variety of countries enroll in its programmes, which lead to a degree at Master level (EQF 7) recognised by the French state. The graduates of CIFE’s Master’s programmes work as Senior officials in European institutions, policy officers within the UN framework, administrators, diplomats, consultants, researchers for think tanks, lobbyists, and academic experts.

CIFE strongly supports the mobility of its students: The participants in six of its Master programmes rotate each term, moving their place of study from France (Nice) to Germany (Berlin), Italy (Rome), United Kingdom (Canterbury), Turkey (Istanbul) or Tunisia (Tunis). Study trips to Brussels, Strasbourg, Luxembourg, and Leipzig offer additional insights into specific regional intricacies and challenges.

Next to shorter academic programmes, Executive training, conferences and seminars, CIFE offers seven international and interdisciplinary Master programmes:

  • Master in Global Energy Transition and Governance in Nice and Berlin (English)
  • Joint Master in Global Economic Governance and Public Affairs (GEGPA) in Rome, Berlin, Nice (English)
  • Joint Master in EU Trade and Climate Diplomacy (EUDIPLO) in Rome, Berlin, Nice (English)
  • Executive Master in EU Studies Online and presence workshops (English)
  • Master in Advanced European and International Studies (MAEIS):
    • MAEIS Applied European Policy and Governance Studies in Nice, Canterbury, Berlin (English, French, with an option in German)
    • MAEIS Mediterranean Studies in Nice, Tunis, Istanbul (English, French)
    • MAEIS European Integration and Global Studies in Berlin, Nice, Rome or Istanbul (English)

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