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Director: Dr Kristi Raik


Contact: EVI General Information  // Secretary Kirsika Ritsoson


The Estonian Foreign Policy Institute (Eesti Välispoliitika Instituut – EVI) was founded in 2000 and has been a member of TEPSA since 2003. It is an independent think tank which is primarily funded by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Like institutions in Estonia generally, it is rather small, consisting of four members of staff. The Founding Director of EVI was Prof. Andres Kasekamp and as of 2013, the Executive Director is Prof. Lauri Mälksoo. Kasekamp remains responsible for EVI’s interaction with TEPSA and its member institutes. EVI’s mission is to promote a deeper understanding of international affairs and of Estonia’s role in a changing world by providing a forum for informed discussion, analysis and debate.

European Union integration and enlargement have always been a particular focus. To this end, EVI staff contributes to commentary to the media, arrange public lectures, organise seminars and conferences, and participate in international research networks. In addition to fostering the development of a global affairs constituency, EVI produces research utilised in foreign policy decision making. To accomplish this, EVI co-operates closely with government bodies, universities, and other research institutes in Estonia and abroad.

EVI’s core areas of competence and research interest are the following three broad areas: Regional security, European Union integration and enlargement, and Developments in Russia. EVI’s flagship publication has been its annual Estonian Foreign Policy Yearbook (available online). EVI has compiled studies for Estonian ministries and institutions as well as for the European Parliament (as part of the TEPSA framework contract). EVI organises conferences, seminars, and public lectures.

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