Faculty of Economics – University of Montenegro


Director: Dr Nikola Milović

Website: http://www.ekonomija.ac.me

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Faculty of Economics – University of Montenegro

The Faculty of Economics is one of the most important educational and research institutions in Montenegro. During its 55 years of hard work and outstanding efforts, the Faculty has proven to be one of the key actors in creating adequate staff support and expertise in the process of building a modern economic and business environment. The Faculty of Economics is also a fundamental partner in the implementation of economic reforms and EU integration. In addition to educational activity, the Faculty engages in scientific research, teaching and scientific and professional activities in various forms. This includes various projects, courses for knowledge innovation, professional development and training of personnel, consulting, scientific and expert discussions, academic and professional cooperation with other institutions, publishing professional and scientific publications, etc.

It is a leading research institution in international economics, EU and development issues, it is one of the most relevant institutions domestically and regionally in these fields. Professors and researches from the Faculty of Economics are very active in the public debate in their fields of expertise and make frequent appearances in the media.

Today, the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica successfully cooperates with institutions of higher education from abroad, as well as with other business entities, as evidenced by a large number of signed cooperation agreements, in the region, the European Union and the United States. Through the implementation of various forms of cooperation with partner institutions, the Faculty of Economics allows its teachers, researchers and students to expand their knowledge and expertise in exchange programmes on the basis of European programmes and gain professional skills through practical experience in companies across Europe.

The Faculty of Economics in Podgorica was established in 1960 by the decision of the National Parliament of the Republic of Montenegro. The Faculty is a state body under the University of Montenegro and Ministry of Education, but operates independently as a non­-political institution in all its professional activities. The main source of funding is represented by the State budget, student fees and research grants from the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Science, EU, UNDP, World Bank and private companies.


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