TEPSA Brief: Obstacles to overcome in EU’s accession to the European Convention of Human Rights – December 2010

by Agathe Fadier

The Lisbon Treaty entailed important evolution in the field of Human Rights protection in the EU. In addition to the establishment of a legally binding EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, the treaty commits the EU to accede to the European Convention of Human Rights.

While the negotiations are currently ongoing, this TEPSA brief provides an analysis of the issues raised by the EU accession to the ECHR. With the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty, the accession process enters in the final phase of a process that began thirty years ago. However, while there is a political consensus concerning the necessity of the accession, numerous legal, institutional and technical questions need to be clarified. It concludes that the outcome of the negotiations will be decisive for the representation of the EU in the international system as a new legal entity.

Please click here to read the entire brief and feel free to contact Agathe Fadier to discuss and to learn more on the future developments about this issue.


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