TEPSA FIIA Seminar on Northern Europe and the Arab Spring: Normative Leaders or Opportunistic Bystanders? 21 May 2012, 16:30h-18:30h

EU foreign relations are traditionally characterized by a strict division of labour. When it comes to the Arab World, southern European countries have usually taken the lead, while northern European countries have stayed on the sidelines. The Arab Spring has demonstrated some of the problems of this divide, but also increased the visibility and interest in the region amongst northern European countries. This seminar looked at the role three key northern European countries – Germany, Poland and Sweden – have played during the Arab Spring and how they viewed the future of Euro-Mediterranean affairs. It also discussed the nature of north-south divisions in EU institutions.

The seminar took place at Finland’s Permanent Representation to the European Union, Rue de Trèves 100, Bruxelles.

Please register by sending an email with your name and affiliation to Marine.Jacob@tepsa.be by Thursday 17 May the latest.


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