THESEUS – establishing a European society

THESEUS LogoTHESEUS is a joint activity of Sciences Po Paris, the Jean Monnet Chair of the University of Cologne, the Trans European Policy Studies Association (Brussels) and the Fritz Thyssen Foundation (Cologne).

Emerging from a Franco-German initiative, THESEUS considers itself as European network of thinkers, actors and ideas, whose aim is to promote the mutual understanding of societies in Europe. THESEUS is striving for an open and constructive dialogue about the future challenges of Europe.

For more information please see

 THESEUS Summer School for Young Leaders

• bring together young excellent professionals and researchers

• address global challenges and European answers

• promote transnational interdisciplinary networks

The THESEUS Summer Schools tackle the internal and external challenges which Europe faces. Climate change, energy policy, migration, demographic developments and terrorism are global challenges for which a new European generation has to find ways forward. These issues concern not only political decision-makers but all actors in European societies. At the same time they require complex interdisciplinary international solutions.

THESEUS aims at participants with different national, cultural and professional backgrounds, enabling them to create a sustainable network of young leaders.


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