THESEUS/TEPSA Workshop on the Franco-German relationship seen from the outside on 17-18 February 2011

The TEPSA workshop on the Franco-German relationship seen from the outside will take place on 17.-18.02.2011 in Brussels in the framework of the programme THESEUS. Partners of THESEUS alongside TEPSA are the Centre d’études européennes of Sciences Po Paris, the Jean Monnet Chair of the University of Cologne and the Fritz Thyssen Foundation in Cologne.

The aim of the workshop is to discuss the special role of the Franco-German couple in recent and longer term political and institutional evolutions of the EU. The workshop is especially interested in the perceptions of the ‘Franco-German tandem’ from the point of view of other EU-countries. Together with experts coming from all over Europe we will discuss its impact and role in the management of the current financial and economic crisis and the reform of EU governance in this policy field, for the evolution of EU enlargement and external action, and for the reform of the EU budget. A roundtable will discuss the role of France and Germany in the construction of the EU and their bilateral and multilateral relations at crucial points of the evolution of the European Union and ask what role the couple plays after the entry into force of the treaty of Lisbon.


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