Two final commentaries on the reform of the EU courts

The reform of the EU courts
Texte EN - JV avec en-tête TEPSA

Last year, the Court of Justice has proposed to add twelve new judges (and cabinets) to the General Court, to eliminate its growing backlog. This is the first implementation of the new provisions of the Lisbon Treaty, which has submitted most of the Statute of the Court of Justice of the European Union to the ordinary legislative procedure. The TEPSA/EGMONT comment aims at observing the next context of judicial activities at the EU level and at analyzing the available options and the various possibilities to reduce the growth of costs in the EU courts’ system.

Different contributions will be made in that context. The first ones come from Franklin Dehousse and Jean-Victor Louis. Franklin Dehousse is Professor of European Law (in abeyance) and Judge at the General Court since October 2003. This publication is written on his personal title and does not represent the views of the General Court. Jean-Victor Louis is Emeritus Professor of European Law at the University of Bruxelles and former Secretary General of TEPSA.



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