TEPSA history

TEPSA, established in 1974 as an International Association under Belgian Law and the first transeuropean research network, comprises leading research institutes in the field of European affairs throughout Europe, with an office in Brussels.

With its decentralized approach, TEPSA combines the strengths of its members and enriches the results of their work. TEPSA exemplifies the ‘bottom-up’ approach to European governance, and contributes to the EU’s dialogue with citizens.


With the enlargements of 2004 and 2007, the European Union has altered its dimension and faces new challenges. The Lisbon Treaty will bring institutional improvements to ensure a better functioning of the European Institutions and enhance its capacity to act. TEPSA’s concern is to accompany this process and to take a position on the most important features of the European Union’s ‘deepening’ and ‘widening’. To have the maximum impact in enhancing European integration, TEPSA has developed various instruments to promote dialogue between researchers and with key actors in the process.

TEPSA’s aim is to provide high quality research on European integration in order to stimulate discussion on policies and political options for Europe. This is achieved by interaction between the European and national institutions as well as the academic and research community.

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