23/24 November, Brussels

12th EU-Japan Conference


The 12th EU-Japan Conference, in which TEPSA is a co-organising partner, will take place on 23/24 November 2009 at the Fondation Universitaire. The annual conference on Euro-Japanese relations has become a regular milestone in the debates surrounding the EU-Japan strategic Partnership. Accordingly, this event provides a unique opprotunity for debate on both the latest research, as well as current policy trends. It brings together academics, experts, and policy-makers from Japan and Europe.


The theme selected for this year’s conference is “Japan-Europe Partnership. Facing Global and Regional Challenges”. The conference will analyze some of the common and global challenges facing Japan and Europe: international migration, regulatory reform, security challenges and the renewal of their decades-old partnership.

The core intellectual goal of the conference will be to both assess these common challenges and interpret the behavior and responses of these two leading actors. How have Japan and Europe faced these challenges? How could their responses involve partnership? What could they learn from their respective experiences?