TEPSA Brief “Ukraine on the path to the EU: citizens’ opinions and hopes”, Yuriy Yakymenko and Mykhailo Pashkov

TEPSA is happy to present its TEPSA Brief on “Ukraine on the path to the EU: citizens’ opinions and hopes”, written by Yuriy Yakymenko, Deputy Director General of the Razumkov Centre, and Mykhailo Pashkov, Co-Director of the Foreign Relations and International Security Programmes of the Razumkov Centre.

European integration in Ukraine is a complex, gradual process that touches upon different sectors – political, economic, social, cultural. But the psychological factor, represented in the conscious European choice of citizens and their support for the country’s movement towards the EU, is even more important. This brief outlines the dynamics of Ukrainian citizens’ attitude towards the EU and specific aspects of European self-identification processes among Ukrainians.

You can access the brief here.