European Parliament Workshop on “The implementation of the CSDP”

ep logoThe European Parliament within the Framework Contract requested from TEPSA organisation of a workshop “The future of the Common Security and Defence Policy”. It was held during the meeting of the Sub-Committee on Security and Defence on 10 July in Brussels. In the event participated the following experts: Jo Coelmont (Egmont Brussels), Jan Techau (Carnegie Brussels), Antonio Missiroli (EU ISS Paris) and Alessandro Marrone (IAI Rome).

Jo COELMONT shared his six comments on CSDP operations, built up on a question on how to increase the effectiveness of the EU missions. Jan TECHAU observed that the CSDPis in much better condition than its reputation suggests, and that it has created much added value for the EU. Nonetheless, it is simultaneously hugely underperformingwhen judged against the overall strategic needs of the EU. Antonio MISSIROLI presented the EUISS report on ‘Enabling the future. European military capabilities 2013 – 2025: challenges and avenues’. The EU possesses capable and effective armed forces alongside an advanced industrial and scientific base. Yet, in general it suffers from: limited awareness of emerging challenges, basic disinterest in strategic matters, segmented political and institutional landscaperegarding defence and military matters. Alessandro MARRONE addressed four issues related to the current developments of arms industry: a) a necessary clarification on what is a Defence Technological Industrial Base (DTIB), b) the on-going globalisation of national DTIB, c) the feasibility of a European integration of national DTIB and d) the challenges to such Europe an integration process.
In discussion that followed participated i.a. Maria Eleni KOPPA, MEP Rapporteur for CSDP (Greece, S&D) and Arnaud DANJEAN, MEP, Chair of Sub-Committee on Security and Defence (France, EPP).

The Report from the EP workshop on implementation of the CSDP has been published and is available here. It was prepared by Anita Sęk, EXACT Fellow.