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FIIA Analysis 6

Veera Laine, Toivo Martikainen, Katri Pynnöniemi & Sinikukka Saari: Zugzwang in slow motion? The implications of Russia’s system-level crisis, Freely available at:

FIIA Briefing Papers

Kristi Raik, Niklas Helwig & Tuomas Iso-Markku: Crafting the EU global strategy: Building blocks for a stronger Europe

Freely available at:

Katja Creutz: National Courts and Foreign Policy: Prosecuting Foreign State Leaders for International Crimes

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Teemu Sinkkonen: The subtle Spanish revolution: New parties change the game, but does Catalonia still want to play?

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Charly Salonius-Pasternak: Obama’s Foreign Policy: A long game harried by tactical politics

Freely available at:

Antto Vihma: Paris Stress Test: Can the UN climate talks deliver?

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Marco Siddi: The EU-Russia gas relationship: New projects, new disputes?

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FIIA Comments

Teija Tiilikainen: Mutual defence in the EU: The response to the terrorist attacks in Paris is a testing ground for the European security and defence policy, Freely available at:

Wolfgang Mühlberger: Egypt’s democratic window-dressing: Procedural elections and paltry voter participation indicate a non-pluralistic transformation, Freely available at:

Juha Jokela: The UK is searching for its role in Europe: David Cameron should adopt a more ­constructive approach to reforming the EU,

Jyrki Kallio: Last tango in Singapore: Frost expected in Mainland China-Taiwan relations,

Veera Laine: No More Marching: The Kremlin suppresses nationalist movements in order to achieve a like-minded society

Tuomas Iso-Markku: Sizeable cuts ahead: Finland needs to define its objectives in the area of military crisis management more clearly,

Arkady Moshes: Ukraine is bigger than the conflict in Donbas: Promoting reforms should be a ­Western policy priority