“A Development Agenda for the 2024 Italian G7 Presidency”, Irene Paviotti and Daniele Fattibene (IAI, Italy)

In late May 2023, the leaders of G7 countries met in Hiroshima to reach a consensus on several challenges currently undermining global socio-economic stability. Among these, they called for continued support to Ukraine against the Russian invasion, as well as the need for more coordinated responses to China’s economic coercion. They also strongly emphasised the several crises that are endangering global sustainable development. This confirms the key role played by the G7 as a platform for traditional donors to agree on unified responses to those crises that pose an existential threat to developing and developed countries alike. Given the complexity of these crises, the Italian G7 Presidency in 2024 will be called to continue the work set by its predecessors. 

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