“A great philosopher of the 20th century and visionary of European Federalism”, Claude Nigoul and Alexandre Marc (CIFE)

Alexandre Marc, the founder of CIFE,  died 20 years ago, at the end of a long life that marked his century. Many people saw him first of all as a militant for a united Europe, for which he was, from the post-war period, involved in all the battles, from the Hague Congress to the battles for the European Defence Community. But he was above all a philosopher, founder of the New Order, the crucible of non-conformist thought in the 1930s. It was there that he laid the foundations of federalist personalism, in which one could find, long before they were popularised, the ideas of European federation, universal income, the principle of subsidiarity, revolutionary ideas of a prophetic doctrine that he taught to generations of students from all countries, gathered in the programmes of the Centre international de formation européenne, of which he was the creator in 1954, and where his thought is perpetuated.

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