“A Just Transition In The European Automotive Sector: A CEE Angle”, John Szabo (IWE CERS, Hungary)

In-light of the increasingly dire warnings issued by the IPCC, it has become clear to many that there is a need to move societies toward low carbon practices in order to avoid even worse ramifications of climate change. A key sector that global society has to decarbonise is transportation, which, according to the IEA, accounts for 8.5 gigatons of carbon-dioxide emissions globally – just over a quarter of the total. Nearly half of these emissions originate from passenger vehicles. The sheer scale of the global vehicle fleet makes its decarbonisation a strenuous effort, but its complexity is compounded when one considers the ramifications of a shift to electric vehicles (EVs). A key consideration is the impact that EVs will have on employment. Not only are EVs less labour-intensive, but manufacturing them also requires different skills from workers. Considering this in policies is essential in order to execute a just transition.

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