“A moment to reflect: Creating Euro-Mediterranean bonds that deliver”, Haizam Amirah-Fernández and Eduard Soler I Lecha (CIDOB, Barcelona)

In times of the pandemic, humankind faces a global crisis. The Euro-Mediterranean area is no exception to this. Looking back at developments in the region only during the past 15 years, one is tempted to think that countries and citizens around the Mediterranean were marked by a succession of various crises: a financial and subsequential debt crisis unfolding from 2007, waves of Arab Uprisings starting in 2011, which have not brought about the advance of democracy, a subsequent surge in migration movements towards Europe from 2015, the threat of international terrorism, the rise of populism and nationalist resentments in various EU member states and, most recently, COVID-19 with expected long-term societal impacts. But there is more to it.

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