A new project for IEP in cooperation with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (IEP, Germany)

In collaboration with FES and in light of increasing rule of law issues in EU member states, IEP is developing a policy brief that evaluates existing instruments, identifies complementary approaches and recommends new courses of action in the context of the Zeitenwende.

A democratic form of government and adherence to the rule of law are fundamental principles of the European Union (EU). Yet, the rule of law appears to be under threat in some of its member states. Published in July 2022, the European Commission’s Rule of Law Report raises concerns. In some EU countries worrisome trends can be observed, such as the weakening of the judiciary and the dismantling of democratic control mechanisms (Hungary, Poland); inadequate anti-corruption measures (Bulgaria, Greece, Malta); or a misuse of espionage programs for political purposes (France, Spain, Greece). These developments require coordinated action at the European level.

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