“A ‘stranger’ has slipped into the anthem: ‘Polonity’ in the European context”, Georges Mink (College of Europe, Natolin)

Professor Georges Mink , Permanent Professor at the College of Europe in Natolin and Director of Emeritus Research at the Institute of Social Political Science (University – Paris West, La Défense Nanterre), has just published an article entitled “Do hymnu wdarł się „Obcy”… „Polskość” w kontekście europejskim ”( “  A “stranger” has slipped into the anthem,… “Polonity” in the European context  “) in the book  Niedokończona wojna. „Polskość” jako zadanie pokoleniowe  (An unfinished war. “Polonity” as a generational challenge ), by M. Robert Traba, published by the Institute of Political Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, 2020, pp . 55-70.