ACCESS-TR Workshop, Antalya, Turkey, 3-5 June 2009

After the successful Kick-Off conference of the ACCESS-TR project in Brussels in March the CES, together with TEPSA, is organising the first regional workshop in Antalya. The ACCESS-TR project, implemented by TEPSA and CES/METU, aims to promote the active participation of local and regional stakeholders in the process of Turkey’s accession to the EU.




The goal of the regional workshops is, alike the Kick-Off conference, to discuss benefits and challenges of EU enlargement, here especially with regard to regional questions. They address local stakeholder from Politics, media, business, academia, civil society etc. with the aim to contribute to a better informed dialogue about Turkey’s accession process to the EU.


Thematically, beside an own regional focus of the hosting universities in the 3 cities, the following 4 topics will be central:


1) Single Market (sectoral approaches, consumer protection)

2) Gender issues across social protection, education policies and regional development strategies

3) Notions of inclusive citizenship linked to the debates on European citizenship

4) Ways of conducting foreign policy in the European Union


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