“Action Plan for Climate Change Adaptation – Nature Park Medvednica”, Tišma, S., Boromisa, A., Funduk, M., Polić, (IRMO, Croatia)

The IRMO team in cooperation with the National Park Risnjak and the Nature Park Medvednica and with support of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund prepared first two action plans for climate change adaptation in protected areas. This is result of the project which, in the first phase, lead to identification to which extent climate change is monitored and observed in national and nature parks of Croatia, whether measures are being taken to counteract and adapt to climate change, and in what way are these measures integrated in the educational, informational and scientific activities that are offered in national and nature parks. Based on results of the analysis methodology of drafting climate change adaptation and management plans for the national and nature parks in Croatia was drafted and tested on one national park (Risnjak) and one nature park (Medvednica). This methodology is offered to all national and nature parks in Croatia.

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