“Adhesive and centrifugal forces in the post-Soviet economic space”, András Deák (IWE, Hungary)

András Deák: Adhesive and centrifugal forces in the post-Soviet economic space. In: What has remained of the USSR? – Exploring the erosion of the post-Soviet space. Eds: Arkady Moshes, András Rácz. Publ. by the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, 2019.

The chapter overviews the intra-CIS economic trajectories after 1991. It explores trends in intra-regional trade, investments, the status and prospects of integration efforts. It also analyses the potential challengers, the EU’s Eastern Partnership programme and China’s growing influence predominantly in Central Asia. Despite the declining trend in intra-regional cooperation and Russia’s leverage, these later centers of gravity do not represent a full-fledged alternative. Thus Moscow can preserve a good deal of its influence, based on regional inertia.

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