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    Symposium: “Human Rights in Pandemic Times Political Exceptionalism, Social Vulnerability & Restricted Freedoms”, September 6-7 (Egmont, Belgium)

    Brussels, Belgium

    For many months, the Covid 19 pandemic has weighed on the lives of everyone. In the name of the fight against the pandemic and, through it, of the preservation of the health and life of the population, limitations on fundamental rights and freedoms have been imposed, directly or indirectly, on an absolutely considerable, even unprecedented scale and duration. The confrontation of this crisis has constituted, in all legal spheres – national, European and international – an unprecedented laboratory for the emergence of new questions and hypotheses on the point of balance to be reached between rival rights, and on the expected role of public authority. On the one hand, public authorities are expected to prevent the violence that the pandemic exerts, in an unequal and insidious manner, on certain vulnerable groups of the population. On the other hand, the public response deployed to limit the spread of the virus constitutes, in itself, a violence that must be moderated.

    The purpose of this bilingual symposium is to identify these issues and to test these hypotheses. It will develop an interdisciplinary approach and will bring to the forefront the European, international and comparative dimensions of the issues addressed. Bringing together speakers from various Belgian and foreign universities, this symposium is the result of a joint initiative by the research centres attached to all the universities of the French Community and the University of Luxembourg, in partnership with the Egmont Institute.

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    Workshop: “Public investment policies in Europe”, 6-7 September (Sciences Po CEE, France)

    09:30Sciences Po, Room TBA

    Program of the event:

    MONDAY 6 SEPTEMBER, 9.30 AM – 6 PM

    9.30 am: Welcome

    10 am – 12 pm: Panel 1: The Financialization of Public Policies

    Discussant: Eve Chiapello (EHESS, CEMS)

    Pierre Alayrac (EHESS, CMH) and Antonin Thyrard (EHESS, CEMS) – The three ages of European productive investment policies

    Thomas Hélie (University of Reims, CRDT) and Loïc Meuley (Université de Strasbourg, Sage) – Portrait of the European Union as a “cultural business angel”. Public investment instruments as vectors for the diffusion of an “entrepreneurial ethos” in cultural and creative fields

    Matthias Thiemann (Sciences Po, CEE) and Dan Mocanu (Cambridge University) – Chasing Unicorns with public money: The crucial role of Public Actors in the rise and stabilization of the Venture Capital Market in the EU

    12 – 1.30 pm: Lunch break  

    1.30 – 3.30 pm: Panel 2: Theory of the “Investment State”

    Discussant: Cornelia Woll (Sciences Po, CEE & MaxPo)

    Fabio Bulfone, Timur Ergen (Max Planck Institute) and Manolis Kalaitzake (University of Edimburg) – The Political Economy of Corporate Welfare

    Philipp Golka (Leiden University) – Subsidize finance and all profit? Social impact investing and the rise of the leveraging state in Britain

    Ulrike Lepont (ENS Cachan, IDHES) – Public Spending and Austerity: The Two Faces of the “Investment State”

    3.30 – 4 pm: Break 

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  • Thu

    Conference: “The New Pact on Migration and Asylum: Dead or alive?”, September 9-10 (Egmont, Belgium)

    Brussels, Belgium

    Screening of migrants, agencies’ role & funding of policies, asylum, return & detention border procedures, Schengen, solidarity & relocation & sponsored return, cooperation with transit countries & migrant smuggling & search and rescue, Frontex responsibility & human rights monitoring, legal migration & talent partnerships will be on the agenda.

    High level representatives of EU Institutions, International Organisations, Member States & NGOs, policy makers, judges, lawyers, academics, researchers will be on the program.

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  • Mon

    Workshop: “Diversity, Equality, Inclusion @New Work: Managing a Diverse Workforce Successfully Inside Public Administration”, September 13-17 (EIPA, Maastricht)

    Online Event

    In Diversity United! Three words that are extremely important for life and work in the EU. For business and administration, the diverse and different skills of employees are an important basis for meeting the needs of customers and citizens in a way that fulfils service expectations, and for demonstrating positive performance.

    The consequences of demographic and social change, digitisation, globalisation, European integration, increased requirements on environmental protection, and New Work – as well as increasing diversity in the population and the workforce – pose challenges for innovative and modern HR work. The complexity of these topics is constantly expanding, thus demanding proactive responses and virtually simultaneous action. In addition to traditional administration and care of personnel, HR management has an active role to play in supporting the (digital) transformation with appropriate tools and programmes, and in advising and supporting managers and employees.

    The event will provide you with:

    • the tools you need to design a diversity strategy;
    • the instruments, leadership principles and HR policies to build a framework for your organisation;
    • extensive insights with multiple examples and real-life cases;
    • input from practitioners from the private and public sectors as well as academics.

    Date: 13 – 17 September 2021
    Location: Zoom

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  • Mon

    Training Course: "EU Project Management", November 15-19 (College of Europe, Bruges)

    College of Europe, Bruges

    The EU Project Management training course is a one-week interactive journey along with the life of EU-funded projects, from programming to project design, proposal writing, budgeting, project implementation, monitoring and evaluation. High level experienced practitioners lead participants through a curriculum based on the latest project management methodologies.

    Bruges, Belgium
    15-19 November 2021


  • Mon

    Conference: “The Role of State in Varieties of Capitalism”, 29 November (IWE CERS, Hungary)

    Hybrid event

    The topic of the conference this year is ‘The changing repertoire of state intervention to promote development in an unfolding new world order’. The SVOC conference will be organized in a hybrid form (depending on the pandemic situation) with both onsite and online sessions. Contributions to SVOC2021 should be related to the general theme of the conference, especially but not exclusively focusing on the following topics:

    1. Enhancing the theoretical framework of Varieties of Capitalism (VoC) research
    2. The (comparative) analysis of contemporary variants of state capitalism
    3. Developmental states in the twenty-first century
    4. Democratisation/re-democratisation and the developmental state;
    5. Is there any convergence to be seen across successful development strategies in the emerging world, or “varietas delectat”?
    6. Post-crisis, alternative trajectories and models of sustainable human development
    7. New perspectives of post-crisis development: focusing on the social component
    8. Consequences of the crisis for changes in the level of democracy/democratisation processes
    9. Environmental considerations in varieties of capitalism
    10. The monetary-fiscal link in state-led intervention

    The keynote speakers will be:

    • Professor Elizabeth THURBON (Scientia Associate Professor, University of New South Wales, Sidney)

    Keynote title: Governing for Development in a Crisis-Plagued World: Can We Map a Way Forward?)

    • Professor László BRUSZT (Professor of Sociology and Co-Director of Democracy Institute, Central European University)


    The SVOC2021 conference is organized by the Institute of World Economics of the Centre for Economic and Regional Studies and Democracy Institute, Central European University.

    Format: hybrid (with both onsite and online sessions)

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