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    Course: “Data Protection Certification”, December 5-9 (EIPA, Maastricht)

    Maastricht, The Netherlands

    Are you willing to go the extra mile to become the next generation of Data Protection Officer? Because this is what we, at EIPA, have done when preparing this Data Protection Certification course for you! In a time of unprecedented challenges to our status quo, with organisations forced to adapt overnight to the new normal, data protection has been ranking high on the European agenda. More than ever, you will play an essential role in supporting your organisation’s safeguarding of the privacy rights in a time of accelerated digital transformation. Our Data Protection Certification course is here to help you reach that goal, and this is why a multifaceted approach in delivering this course is paramount.

    Experts and practitioners at the forefront of data protection will guide you along the legal framework of the European data protection legislation, while elaborating on some of the most pressing privacy-related issues that have emerged in the context of the pandemicincluding data protection and cybersecurity. This will involve applying an interactive and on-the-job methodology: role playing, concrete and realistic case studies, with both successful and non-successful outcomes and peer-to-peer discussions. By the end of the course, you will be provided with all the tools to design or augment a thorough data protection compliance programme in your organisation. Additionally, participating in our Data Protection Certification Course will provide you with a Data Protection certificate.

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