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  • Tue

    Hybrid event: "Eastern Mediterranean Energy Resources between Energy Security and Energy Transition", February 7 (IAI, Italy)

    15:30Rome, Italy / Online

    In this webinar, we will discuss the role of energy resources in the Eastern Mediterranean, which could contribute to enhance energy security and climate measures both in the region and beyond. At the beginning of the webinar, the key findings of the recent IAI Paper on this issue will be presented by the author. Eastern Mediterranean energy resources have attracted growing interests because of its vast energy reserves over the past decade. These energy resources could generate several benefits for the region and beyond, such as improving interconnectivity among countries, growth and development as well as decarbonisation. However, to achieve these positive results, countries need to address and overcome some challenges, such as lack of infrastructure, economic constraints and interstate rivalry. In the wake of Russia’s war in Ukraine, the area has emerged as a valuable option for EU diversification plans as European countries seek to wean themselves off Russian gas. Nonetheless, it is crucial to broaden the approach to regional energy resources, starting to include also renewables and potentially hydrogen, in order to reconcile energy security with climate targets. The speakers will discuss the main energy opportunities for the Eastern Mediterranean energy resources and their potential consequences on the energy transition, analyzing the main initiatives under consideration and their feasibility.

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