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    Debate: “Restoring the EU Competitiveness: Challenges and opportunities in the context of the twin green & digital transition”, March 23 (EIR, Romania)

    14:00Online Event

    The European Institute of Romania (EIR) organises a new debate within the online series entitled European News in the Spotlight which has the objective of informing the general public about the importance that the Council of the European Union has in coordinating the policies of the Member States in specific areas, bringing into debate topics that are priorities on the agenda of the current Presidency.

    The event is organised in partnership with the Embassy of Romania to Sweden and will take place on Thursday, 23 March 2023online format (Zoom platform), between 14:00 – 16:00 (UTC/GMT+1 hour), with the topic “Restoring the EU Competitiveness: Challenges and opportunities in the context of the twin green & digital transition”.

    Representatives of European and national institutions, research organisations and academia from Romania and other EU’s Member States, civil society, mass media etc. will take part in the event. The debate will be conducted in English. Please find the agenda here.

    Participation to the event is possible by filling in the registration form until 21st of March at the latest. Please note that our Zoom account supports a limited amount of participants and the login details will be sent only to the registered participants.


    Since its creation in 1993, the single market has helped to make everyday life easier for people and businesses, fuelling jobs and growth across the EU. In the aftermath of the pandemic crisis and the war against Ukraine, the Council of the EU, through its three Presidencies – France, the Czech Republic and Sweden, aimed at enabling the Union to overcome the economic and social shocks. The actions supporting this objective were: fully implementing the recovery and resilience plans, strengthening the EU’s resilience, competitiveness and convergence, and ensuring an optimum economic policy coordination.

    The Swedish Presidency of the Council of the EU seeks to promote a common approach regarding European competitiveness given that the economic future of the Union is going to be decided by the European competitiveness and resilience. Starting from this, it is important the EU continues to provide the best possible conditions for a sound and open economy based on free competition, private investments and successful digitalisation.


    • Incentives and strategic directions for favouring the growth of the European economy and job creation.
    • The impact of the single market on the EU’s industrial policy, in terms of competitiveness and productivity.
    • The importance of value chains for the short- and medium-term improvement of productivity and for stimulating competitiveness.
    • A stronger focus on innovation and digitalisation, by investing in infrastructure and improving the citizens’ skills (2023 – European Year of Skills).
    • Recommendations on increasing Europe’s international competitiveness in goods and services, in key areas such as energy and digital transformation.

    Representatives of the European and national institutions, research organisations and academia, civil society, mass media, etc. will take part in the event.

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