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    Workshop: “Shaping the New World of Work: Wellbeing in the workplace ─ the key to success”, June 26 (EIPA, Maastricht)

    Maastricht, The Netherlands

    The pandemic has led to a discussion about increasing flexibility in working times and places of work, as well as strengthening mental health. The demand for ‘purpose’ and a shift in values between generations have led to the rise of New Work, which involves empowerment, personal responsibility, self-organisation, collaborative forms of work, sustainability, flat hierarchies, project structures, resilience, and employee engagement. Digitalisation, Decarbonisation, Diversity and Demography need to be managed simultaneously with a demand for more holistic approaches. Organisations around the world need to find new ways to design the future of work, and managers play a decisive role in shaping employee attitudes and mindsets.

    Managers face the challenge of acting as role models and coping with crisis, with virtual or remote leadership becoming an overnight challenge as homeworking has increased. New forms of cooperation and collaboration need to be promoted and managed virtually, with trust and control through goals, traditional management structures, and time measurement systems replacing previous control mechanisms. Health promotion geared towards prevention is becoming more important, especially in terms of employer attractiveness and retention management. Corporate health management needs to be intensified with a special focus on mental health, as employability, skills, health, and employee engagement must be promoted at every phase of life.

    Good leadership and collaboration, as well as a working environment characterized by appreciation, are key areas for action within today’s health strategies in administration. Physical health and resilience, both individual and organizational, are becoming core issues, especially within the context of absenteeism in public administration. Attractive offers, including good working relationships and conditions, are desirable not only for recruitment but also for employee retention. Well-being in the workplace and life balance become more important in the intergenerational perspective.

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