MEDirections Annual Conference: “Conflicts and Natural Resources in the MENA Region and its Immediate Neighbourhood” (RSCAS-EUI, Italy)

A number of important trends point to the increasing risk of conflicts over natural resources in the MENA region and its immediate neighbourhood in the coming years. These include the growing scarcity of water and land resources in certain countries, increasing competition over control of the production of oil, gas and minerals, and challenges linked to energy transition, security, management and distribution. Local actors and the international community will have to formulate new mechanisms for risk mitigation and conflict resolution, as well as new frameworks for post-conflict intervention. To be effective, these mechanisms will need to be inclusive and to take into account the needs of the various stakeholders concerned. If properly directed, investments in natural resources could also play a positive role in providing development opportunities and ensuring long term stability in the region.

The 2019 MEDirections Annual Conference will focus on conflicts over¿natural resources in the MENA region and its immediate neighbourhood, and the potential of such conflicts to reshape the regional order.

21-22 October 2019

European University Institute, Florence, Italy

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