“Among people: how much will the migration crisis cost the EU?”, Kateryna Markevych (Razumkov Centre, Ukraine)

In March, Poland received 2.3 million migrants from Ukraine, who were looking for temporary shelter. According to the Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Gliński, Poland surpassed all the European countries. In addition, Ukrainians are welcomed in many other European countries. Kateryna Markevych, the leading expert on economic and social programs at the Razumkov Center, told Mind how this wave of migration will affect the situation in Europe.

russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, which was launched on February 24, has caused the greatest humanitarian crisis since World War II. Since the beginning of the war, according to the UN data, almost 11 million people have been displaced, more than 4.1 million of whom have left Ukraine, while others have been internally displaced. Unfortunately, the war continues, and if the situation worsens, the number of refugees will increase dramatically.

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