Andrea Szalavetz from IWE attended The World(s) of Work in Transition conference in Brussels

The world is being transformed in ways that will profoundly challenge human society. Trade unions facing these new realities can play an important part in shaping this future. With this in mind a major conference organised by the ETUC and ETUI brought together globally-renowned experts to debate some of the most pressing issues confronting workers, unions and governments.

The conference took place on 27-29 June 2018 in Brussels. It addressed several megatrends impacting working life. First, the free movement of capital, services and people is altering the allocation of jobs throughout the European internal market. Second, climate change and the energy transition are making many occupations obsolete, while at the same time creating new ‘green’ jobs in emerging sectors and industries.

Third, the demographic transition is changing the structure of the labour force and challenging social security systems. Finally, the digitalisation of the economy is set to disrupt the processes of production, employment and work conditions on an unprecedented scale.

Andrea Szalavetz from the Institute of World Economics held a lecture on “Bound to be transformed by digitalisation? Changing nature of work at automotive subsidiaries in Hungary”.

Find more information about the conference here.