“Are Capitalist Democracies Really Resilient? A Response to Torben Iversen”, Jenny Andersson, Uppsala University and Cyril Benoît (Sciences Po, France)

For Torben Iversen, capitalism is not responsible for the crisis democracies are currently facing. Responding to this argument, Jenny Andersson underlines the limits of this optimistic interpretation.

Iversen’s “Reinventing Capitalism: the Transition to the Knowledge Economy” makes an interesting argument that situates the ‘knowledge economy’ as an alternative narrative to the dominant idea of neoliberalism as explanation of the last decades of transformation of “advanced capitalist democratic societies”. But it seems to me to be guilty of a common mistake, which is to argue against the concept of neoliberalism, without even citing the actual literature on neoliberalism, which in fact is much more nuanced and also relevant to the author’s argument than he is aware or willing to acknowledge.

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