“Assessing EU-Mediterranean Policies in the Field of Energy from a Bottom-Up Perspective: the Case of Morocco” Margherita Bianchi et al. (IAI, Italy)


The purpose of this report is to evaluate the effectiveness of EU policies and measures in the energy field in light of the needs and interests of local bottom-up actors in Morocco. The report firstly provides an overview of the Moroccan energy sector. It reviews the most relevant literature to define current and future trends, to identify the major challenges, analyse current national energy policies and assess their social impacts; then it describes the framework of EU energy policies in Morocco. In the second part, the report discusses the needs and interests of local bottom-up actors in the energy field mainly drawing on the recursive multi-stakeholder consultations held by the researchers in the field. In line with MEDRESET research questions, it highlights the most relevant issues brought up by the local respondents and a few EU stakeholders, evaluating their perception of current Moroccan and EU energy policies in the country and reporting their suggestions for improvements.

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