OIIP Latest Publications, October 2012

oiip Policy Papers

Wissen und Forschen in einer globalisierten Welt” by Ruth Müller, Policy Paper 9/12, September 2012

Science and Technology have become increasingly important both for the everyday lives of people and within concurrent global economic and political developments. This significance is reflected in an increasing demand for strategically coordinated and analytically supported science and technology policy. The oiip has created a research focus that addresses these questions.

Interdependenzen: Wie die Dynamiken des Syrienkonfliktes den Demokratisierungsprozess in der Türkei gefährden? by Cengiz Günay, Policy Paper 10/12, October 2012

The struggle for Syria has implications for the region and Turkey. Together with other neighboring countries, Turkey has been exposed to the dynamics emanating from the Syrian crisis. The Turkish government’s support for the Syrian rebels has induced shifts in Turkey’s foreign as well as domestic politics. In the face of the challenges posed by the developments in Syria, Turkey falls back to old reflexes. Increasing militarism,
nationalism and conservatism threaten the country’s democratization and reform process.

Die Obama-Jahre: „A Season for Nuclear Disarmament”?, by Hakan Akbulut, Policy Paper 8/12, August 2012

US President Barack Obama won many hearts and minds with the speech he delivered in Prague on April 5, 2009. In this address, he outlined his vision of a world free of nuclear weapons and listed a number of steps and measures his Administration would take towards making that vision a reality. On the eve of the conclusion of a START I follow-on treaty with Russia, even the former IAEA Director General, Hans Blix, reasoned in an editorial that thanks to Obama’s efforts, the season for disarmament might have finally arrived. With more than three years having passed since Obama’s Prague speech, this paper explores whether Obama has delivered on his promises and truly ushered in a „season for disarmament“.

oiip Working Papers

Schneller, höher, stärker … im globalen Vergleich: Eine empirische Analyse der Olympischen Spiele 2010/2012 by Jan Pospisil, oiip Working Papers 66, September 2012

 Cyberspace and Governance—A Primer by Alexander Klimburg and Philipp Mirtl,oiip Working Papers 65, September 2012

This working paper has a threefold purpose: first, it proposes a better understanding of the difference between the Internet (interconnecting computers) and the World Wide Web (managing information). Against this background, a four-layer model of cyberspace is presented including a physical, logical, informational, and social layer. Second, the paper splits the national cybersecurity debate in five distinct subject areas, or mandates. These include Military Cyberactivities, Counter-Cybercrime, Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence, Critical Infrastructure Protection and National Crisis Management, and Cyberdiplomacy and Internet Governance, each of which is typically covered by a distinct government department. Third, as one of the most understated and least understood mandates on this list, Internet Governance is described at more length in the final section.