Autumn School, 13-17 November: Negotiations in Practice (College of Europe Bruges)

Negotiations in Practice – Towards effective negotiations with and within the EU
Bruges, Belgium
Autumn course: 13 – 17 November 2017

What is the Negotiations in Practice Training Course?

The purpose of this five-day advanced training course is to provide participants with a practical insight into the mechanisms and dynamics between and within the EU institutions. They will receive the necessary tools and guidance to enhance their negotiation, communication and lobbying skills.

Drawing on their extensive experience, our lecturing staff will teach the participants how to become successful and strategic negotiators within the political and legal structures of the EU.

The course has been organised since 2004 as part of the Development Office’s professional training courses on EU affairs.

Which method will be used?

The course consists of different sessions combining lectures and practical elements and is divided into three strands:

Interactive training sessions examining theoretical and practical aspects of negotiations and the specificities of the EU decision-making process: the theory and practice of international negotiations; mechanics and dynamics of the EU Institutions; EU decision-making structures; influencing the EU from outside.

Workshops designed to identify, develop and practise negotiation, communication and other essential skills: communication techniques and strategies; negotiation skills; lobbying strategies.

A simulation exercise stretching over one day: participants will take over the role of negotiators in the Council of the European Union and will be confronted with actual conditions and constraints of the official decision-making procedures.

Why participate?

The course is primarily targeted at officials from EU and non-EU countries and it also attracts professionals from the private sector, civil society organisations, universities and institutes.

After this one-week advanced training course, you will have gained the necessary know-how and self-confidence to participate effectively and successfully in negotiation processes in the EU context.

The programme will offer you the possibility to:

  • Improve your knowledge of EU decision-making and practice your communications skills
  • Experience the role of negotiatiors in the Council of the European Union during a one-day simulation game
  • Enjoy a unique opportunity to debate and extend your personal and professional network
  • Receive a certificate from the College of Europe upon successful completion