“Baltic and Nordic Responses to the 2020 Post-Election Crisis in Belarus”, Andris Sprūds, Māris Andžāns and Evija Djatkoviča (LIIA, Latvia)

The 2020 Belarus’ post-election crisis took the international community by surprise. A half-year has passed since the first of the massive protests took place in Minsk. Protests endure, so does the widespread and violent crackdown by the Belarusian authorities. Meanwhile, international attention has partly switched to other crises. In light of this, questions remain both on what the international community could have done differently for the cause of a peaceful change in Belarus and how to move forward. In light of this, the policy brief “Baltic and Nordic Responses to the 2020 Post-Election Crisis in Belarus” takes on and compares the reactions of Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden in light of the Belarus 2020 post-election crisis and assesses implications for the bilateral and multilateral cooperation of the Baltics and Nordics with Belarus.The opinions expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the positions of the Latvian Institute of International Affairs, any of the supporters, any governmental or other entity.

The project is supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia.

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