“Bank Politics: Structural Reform in Comparative Perspective”, David Howarth and Scott James (IPS, Luxembourg)

Prof. David Howarth’s book Bank Politics: Structural Reform in Comparative Perspective (with Scott James, King’s College London) was published by Oxford University Press. A number of current and former Institute members and Masters in European Governance students assisted Professor Howarth with the research for this book — including Moritz Rehm, Sébastien Commain, Mia Dzepina and Margot Bouchez.

The book: 

  • Provides the first comparative analysis of the politics of bank structural reform across six major jurisdictions.
  • Develops a new ‘comparative financial power’ theoretical framework to analyse how bank lobbying is mediated across different national contexts.
  • Offers novel insights and new findings about the politics and policy of bank structural reform based on extensive fieldwork.

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