“Beyond Stability: A United Libya will Not End the Migration Challenge for Italy and the EU”, Luca Barana, Dario Cristiani and Asli Selin Okyay (IAI, Italy)

Migration can easily find its way back to the top of the European political agenda even in the con-text of the pandemic. This is true not only within the EU, but also with regards to relations with third countries that play key roles in preventing irregular mixed migration flows from reaching EU soil. Renewed attention on migration has been driven by a surge in arrivals via the Central Medi-terranean Route and in relation to recent events at the Spanish-Moroccan border in Ceuta in May 2021. It was also the case last year, just before the global health crisis hit, when tensions at the Greek-Turkish border momentarily returned migration to centre stage in the EU’s agenda and the bloc’s relations with Turkey.

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